What to Look For in Your Tortoise Shell Glasses

January 13, 2023

Tortoise shell glasses are trendy again after slowing down over the past few decades. In the 50s, tortoise shell eyeglasses were the go-to fashion trend, made famous by actors, travelers, and youths. The glasses are named after the markings on the frame, which resemble natural tortoise shells. Below are four things to look for when purchasing the classic tortoise shell fashion glasses:

1. Quality Design

Stick to premium-quality tortoise shell glasses to capture your style. The glasses feature a frame and lenses made using various materials. In the past, the glasses featured actual tortoise shells for the frames. The eyewear quickly became outlawed because of the danger to the tortoise population and animal cruelty concerns. Modern glasses feature high-quality acetate, a durable plastic stained with yellow, honey, gold, and brown shell spots.

The glass frames resemble authentic tortoise shells, but not all designs are identical. You'll find quality variations depending on your shop and materials. Look for lenses made with durable plastic that can withstand regular use, cleaning, and knocks. Fragile materials will break easily and may stain or fade. You need high-quality acetate and fabricated plastic lenses optimized for outdoor use.

2. Matching Style

Tortoise shell fashion glasses come in various styles. The eyewear may belong to a single group, but you'll find unique frames, patterns, and designs. Not all frames and stains will match your style or complexion, so finding a match may take some searching. Many options are offered to help you find the ideal style for your appearance. Popular types include round, square, rectangle, and oval frames. You can also find cat-eye, oversized, and aviator glasses.

Check the frame patterns and tortoise shell spots to determine whether the glass suits your needs. You can choose a style based on personal preferences or face type. Some faces work better with rounded frames, while others work well with square or aviator designs. You should compare all existing options to identify the best style for your face, accessories, and occasions. Some shops offer unique patterns that resemble the natural tortoise shell colors and patterns.

3. Wearability/Functionality

The best tortoise shell eyeglasses are easy to wear and comfortable throughout the day. You should take into account lens thickness to match your prescription. If your recommendation is strong, larger frames may make the glass heavy and uncomfortable. You can opt for smaller frames to boost wearability by making the glasses lightweight. The quality also affects wearability. Look for glasses that look and feel good and are safe to wear.

Tortoise shell fashion glasses can play many roles, including enhancing aesthetics and protecting your eyes from harsh sun rays. Some glasses also help resolve short or long-sightedness. When choosing your glasses, make sure the design is optimized for your needs. You should stick to functional glasses that work as intended. Impressive visual appeal only matters if the glasses are comfortable, ergonomic, safe, and valuable.

4. Warranty & Other Perks

Quality tortoise shell fashion glasses may cost more than standard glasses. You need quality assurance and protection from packaging and shipping defects. Leading shops offer free shipping and returns. If you receive products different from what you ordered, the shop should replace them at no extra cost. Some shops provide warranties for up to one year. You can leverage such policies to find genuine quality eyeglasses backed by the manufacturer.

Buy glasses from long-serving shops with a clean track record of delivering quality tortoise shell fashion glasses. Review all terms and warranties to identify what's covered and how to handle defects and returns. The design, material quality, and lenses must align with your expectations. You can find feminine, masculine, or unisex designs.

Premium Tortoise Shell Glasses

Tortoise shell fashion glasses are coming back in style. The glasses are designed to captivate and work for all types of audiences. You'll find premium designs for kids, teens, adults, and seniors.

Leading shops also provide numerous variations, so you can find something unique to your style. Purchase quality tortoise shell glasses from reliable shops with many years in the business. Choose shops dedicated to providing eyewear for people with different face shapes and sizes. Make a fashion statement by starting to wear tortoise shell glasses today.



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