When Should You Replace a Water Heater

January 21, 2023



Consistent warm water is critical to everyday lives for most households, whether you use it for your scorching-hot wake-up shower, post-work leisure baths, or soaking dishes before washing them. However, people often overlook water heaters until it malfunctions. Indeed, abruptly losing hot water can be aggravating. Over time, your water heater will exhibit symptoms indicating it needs replacement. Whether owing to consistent usage or old age, water heaters, even the finest ones, endure for around a decade. Employ a certified HVAC company in Sacramento to inspect your water heater periodically to elude unexpected repairs.

While regular upkeep extends the water heater's longevity, if your heater is eight years old or more, you probably need to replace it with a new one. Hence, understanding a few evident telltale signs of water heater replacement is imperative. Below we have enlisted the signals to consider.

When to Replace The Water Heater?


Like other appliances, water heaters also have age constraints, typically from eight to ten years. Since most homeowners are clueless about their water heater's expiry date, not comprehending this might incur severe issues if it abruptly stops functioning.

Rusty Water or Heater Inlet Valve:

While steel is the hardest substance, it's susceptible to rust. If steel is corroded, it spreads gradually to other parts of the steel. As a result, rust is a warning indicator for imminent leaks in steel water pipelines and tanks. However, determining whether it's emanating from a water heater or pipes is challenging in such cases. Nonetheless, discovering rust isn't a positive sign, necessitating calling an experienced plumber in Sacramento to inspect the issue.

  • Rusty Valve/inlet:

Locating rust around the heater's inlet or pressure relief valve might signify that rust has also spread inside the tank. In such a case, replacing it as shortly as feasible is the only alternative since there's no repair for an obsolete water heater once rust affects it.

  • Rusty Pipes:

If the water coming from the faucet is rusty, your pipes might be to blame. Moreover, since galvanized pipes are prone to rust, if your plumbing system comprises these pipes, rust may grow inside as it ages, and the problem can further exacerbate that it could be seen in sinks and tubs.

Leaky Water Heater:

Noticing water on the floor usually signifies leaks, causing significant property damage depending on your water heater's position within your home. Cracks in the tank's metal are usually a cause of water heater leaking, which develop over time when the tank's inside experiences innumerable heating cycles. However, while water won't leak when the tank is inactive, water will inevitably leak through the crack when the metal stretches at the peak of each heating cycle. Alternatively, inspect the fittings/connections to the tank and the temperature/pressure overflow pipe to determine if the tank is to blame. If the connections and fittings manifest no traces of leak, it's high time to call the plumber for water heater replacement in Sacramento.

Water Heater Noise:

Hearing strange noise from the tank is another evidence of a faulty water heater. Grumbling noises will become increasingly louder as the heater ages and the tank heats up. However, such noises are often the result of sediment accumulation. Sediment begins developing on the tank's bottom as an aging water heater is repetitively switched to heat and reheat the water. Eventually, the silt solidifies while spreading on the tank floor, resulting in a corroded water heater and causing inefficiency and escalated damage.

Since sediment buildup might lead to a leaking water heater in the future, you can mitigate this damage by draining the silt from the tank, retaining the water heater's efficiency.



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