Why Air Duct Cleaning is Important and What is the Various Advantage of Air Duct Cleaning?

January 7, 2023



A well maintained home is a lot about aesthetics and also with all systems working and in place. Comfort is brought in my efficient cooling and heating systems in all rooms in different seasons throughout the year. Air ducts hence play an important role as they circulate air from the heating and cooling systems across rooms. If left unattended these air ducts gather dust, debris, mold, pollen and other particulate matter. When you turn on your HVAC machines, this causes these pollutants to be re-circulated which brings in pollution and health risks to family members. So to prevent all this by availing expert Duct Cleaning Melbourne services, as it is very vital in prevention of pollutant build up.

By availing Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning Melbourne services most homeowners would benefit in a multitude of ways that ultimately promotes healthy living. The advantages of these services include-

Improved Air Quality inside the House

The air that you breathe in around your home is the same that is circulating through the ducts. The air inside your home also carry many contaminants unseen to eye like dust, dry chemicals, carbon monoxide, pet dander, pesticides that get sucked into the HVAC system. Gradually these pollutants collect in the ductwork and again get circulated into the living space making air heavy. Each time you inhale, the enclosed contaminants cause coughs, sneezes, bronchial congestion and other respiratory diseases. So regular cleaning of ductwork by specialist Duct Cleaning Melbourne service providers remove such harmful elements , improve the environment and air quality indoors and also safeguard your health.

Duct Cleaning Enhances Efficiency of HVAC Units

Dust and other debris and particulate matter that gain entry inside ducts when accumulated in a large amount cause blockages in airflow. This minimizes the efficiency of flow of conditioned air causing hot and cold spots inside your homes. This puts a pressure on HVAC to try and circulate warm and cool air to an optimum level of hot or cold. This stress on the system will consume more electricity and result in higher bills. But once you avail Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning Melbourne services, professionals will clean and clear accumulated matter from the ducts, allowing free circulation of air, restoring efficiency of HVAC system and saving you energy and money.

Restores Good Smell while Eliminating Offensive Odor

Each home has a specific smell contributed by effects of cigarette smoke, mildew, paint fumes, cleaning solutions and of course cooking and food. Stale and musty smells get trapped in the ducts and gets circulated back into the home interiors. Also mold and bacteria can grow inside the ducts and emit foul smell. Nasty odors are also generated from feces left behind inside ducts by rodents and other smaller elements. And if these get trapped and die, rot sets in and emit unbearable stench that refuse to go even after opening windows or using air fresheners. Regular duct cleaning removes contaminants and discourages any pests from building nests inside and will not seek to do so in clean well maintained ducts. This way your home will smell fresh and clean.

Maintaining a Cleaner Home Environment

Switching off HVAC system for a few hours causes dust to collect in the ductwork. But once it is turned on the particles starts re circulating in the house settling on the floor, beddings, upholstery, furniture and other articles around the house. So you have to keep dusting around house to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. When your house seems to get repeatedly dusty, you have to check your ducts. So cleaning the ducts ensures you keep your home cleaner for longer periods.

Keeping your Home Safe

Any accumulation can be a potential to causing fire. When ductworks get accumulated lint, dirt, debris and pollen they can heat up and get ignited causing a fire. This is extremely risky as the fire can spread and damage property and even harm human life. The risk gets doubled in case of older HVAC unit. It’s very important to lessen this risk and involve professional Duct Cleaning Melbourne services to keep your homes and family safe.

Eliminate Disease Causing Pathogens

Air ducts are storehouses of harmful disease causing pathogens that can pose serious threat to vulnerable members in the family like the elderly and children who might have low immunity. Airborne contaminants re circulated through unclean air ducts cause health issues with allergies and asthma arising out of trapped pollen, spores, animal fur or dander of insects. Frequent cleaning of ducts will prevent build up of allergens and circulating in the home insides, making it healthier for family members and air more breathable. It will remove discomfort and make air feel fresher and lighter.

Clean Ducts Extend HVAC unit’s Longevity

If you do not look after cleaning your ductwork, it makes your unit run for longer period to arrive at a comfortable temperature inside your homes. This puts stress on the system exposing it to wear and tear which might cause it to breakdown suddenly. So this would compel you to call in emergency repair frequently adding to your expenses. Prolonged use of such units will ultimately put pressure on its parts and components and eventually the system will collapse. So you have to go for replacement of the system earlier than your expectation, but regular duct cleaning will extend the life span of your system.

Longer Lasting Air Filters

The dirt and other particulate matter inside your homes get trapped in air filters. With excessive dust in the ductwork there are chances of quicker clogging of the air filters. So they would need to be cleaned or replaced frequently, which can be a tiresome chore. In order to make your filters last longer, and keep contaminants at bay, its best to clean your ducts.

Other Problems Detected During Duct Cleaning

Calling in professional duct cleaners comes with an added advantage. The technically trained servicemen can spot other issues in the ducting system. They inspect the system for rust, gaps, leaks and any loose connections. The technician will identify other issues gone unnoticed earlier in the ducting system and also insulate the ductwork that improves the unit’s efficiency. The servicemen will also clean clogged filters, lubricate components and ensure unit is running smoothly. So fixing these smaller issues will prevent bigger damage in the future.


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