10 Best-selling Neon Signs for Home Decor in USA

February 25, 2023

Neon signs are one of the best decorative lighting decor for homes out there. They add a pop of color and a unique touch to a room, as well as make a statement about the owner's style or interests. Additionally, the soft glow of neon lights can create a relaxing or cozy atmosphere in a space. The benefits are endless, so make sure you pick one for your own little comfy spot. For those who have the faintest idea on which neon light is best for their home, this article will inspire you on your room makeover project!

Good vibes only neon sign

A "Good Vibes Only" neon light is a decorative light displaying the phrase "Good Vibes Only" written in LED neon strips, then mounted on a clear, acrylic board. This type of light serves as a visual reminder to focus on positivity and spread good energy. It is often hung in a room or placed on a shelf as a decorative piece and can serve as a focal point in a space.

A "Good Vibes Only" neon sign can be hung in various locations, depending on  your personal preference. Most customers of ours prefer to hang this in:

  • Living room or bedroom: to create a warm and inviting atmosphere

  • Home office or workspace: to promote a positive and productive environment

  • Meditation or yoga room: to promote calmness and relaxation

  • Party or entertainment room: to set the mood for a fun gathering

All in all, the location where a "Good Vibes Only" neon sign is hung will depend on your personal taste and the intended use of the space. The sign can be hung on a wall, placed on a shelf, or displayed on a tabletop.

This must be the place neon sign

"This must be the place" phrase is used to express a feeling of contentment or satisfaction upon arriving at a destination. A neon sign with this phrase is best used as a decorative piece in a variety of settings, such as a home, office, or restaurant.

The sign reminds you to savor the moment and appreciate your surroundings. This new neon addition also simply adds a fun and quirky touch to a space. The sign can be hung on a wall, placed on a shelf, or displayed on a tabletop, depending on personal preference and the intended use of the space.

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE SIGN is hung on large greenery wall to add accent, and create an eye-catching focal point for the whole space

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE sign is set up next to a large TV, illuminating the scene. This light will be at its best at night when family members cozy up on the sofa, and watch their favorite movie

Better together

The Better Together neon sign is one of the most popular signs for wedding decorations.  For couples’ big day, it serves as a symbol of the bride and groom's union and their belief that they are stronger and happier together than apart.

Once the wedding ends, the sign is brought to the dear home of the two to enlighten, and add romance to their future life together. Now, the sign can serve as a symbol of the bonds between family members, friends, or partners. Incorporating this into your home decor can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere in a room.

In terms of the best spots to hang this, you can choose to place it in a living room, bedroom, or family room, for example, as a visual representation of the importance of togetherness and the strength of relationships. Additionally, the bright and eye-catching nature of neon signs can add a pop of color and personality to a space, making them more and more popular choice for home decor.

Bright illuminating Better Together sign is gorgeous decor for both weddings, and homes

Better Together sign is hung on a pretty corner in the living room, looking great along with other vintage-looking items

Palm Trees and Ocean Breeze

This neon light instantly gives you the vibes of being on a gorgeous beach, enjoying fresh air, and a light breeze through your hair. The weather is quite cold, but in a good way, enough for you to escape from the daily heat of your city, and responsibilities.

Now, neon light makes it possible that you can enjoy this at your own home. This quote in neon light, is best paired with wall decals of the image of beautiful beaches, with coconut trees, and light waves of the ocean. What a majestic way to decorate your living room! Truly what makes life worth living, right?

Palm trees and Ocean Breeze phrase in blue neon light is a perfect decor for a ocean-inspired theme living room

Hand of God

This next sign is renowned for its versatility as it is inspired from Abstract Art, so interpreting the message behind it is up to you. Though if you’re curious, I’ll give you a clue. The hand reaching out symbolizes God’s hand when he gives life to Adam -  the first man ever.

Look below to see how our customers incorporated this gorgeous sign into the comfy corner of their own home!

This customer added this neon light depicting the Hand of God as a finishing touch to her home office and it’s absolutely stunning! 10/10 would purchase again

This customer is absolutely astounded with how cool his piece is. The largest option for the Hand of God fits his space perfectly, and is bright enough to cast a nice pink tone over the whole room. If you're going to buy neon, buy it here!

This customer comments: “Stunning! I have been searching for years for the perfect neon sign for my room and I’m in LOVE. At first, with the light off and the cords in view, I was seriously on the fence about the overall look. But after camouflaging the cords and officially screwing it into place, I was completely sold.”

Beauty Pose

A "Beauty Pose" neon sign is a decorative light in the shape of a person striking a pose or an iconic beauty symbol. This type of neon sign is often hung in a beauty salon, fashion boutique, or spa, as a symbol of the establishment's focus on beauty and style.

However, as of now the sign is taking over our humble home, as it can also be hung in a personal space, such as a bedroom or dressing room, to create a fun, playful atmosphere and above all, bring romantic vibes. The bright, colorful, and eye-catching nature of neon signs make them popular choices for adding a touch of glamor and style to a space.

Beauty Pose neon sign shines bright, and add magical lighting to a corner next to the door

Is This Art Neon Acrylic Artwork (UV Printing)

In case you are unfamiliar with the term UV Printing Acrylic Artwork, here’s what can help clear your mind.

Neon acrylic artwork using UV printing method is a type of modern artwork that combines UV printing technology with acrylic materials to create a unique and eye-catching piece of art. The UV printing process involves using ultraviolet light to cure or dry a special type of ink that is applied to the surface of an acrylic panel. The ink is highly pigmented and creates a vibrant, long-lasting image on the surface of the acrylic. This process allows for the creation of high-quality, full-color images and designs, which can then be illuminated by neon lights for an even more striking effect. The result is a unique and visually stunning piece of artwork that combines the vivid color of UV printing with the bright, glowing light of neon.

This piece of neon artwork is constantly sold out, as it looks so majestic, and artistic at the same time. If you’ve been longing for a piece of contemporary art in your space, but your budget is quite low, then opt for this sign.

Durability, effective lighting, stunning look and energy-efficiency. Definitely a whole package is waiting for you to pick up!

Is This Art neon acrylic artwork looks amazing as wall art

Astronaut Eating Hamburger Acrylic Artwork

Express your unrelenting love for space with this sign depicting the image of an Astronaut eating hamburger.

This sign sits pretty in a white-colored corner, adding a bit of color pops into the space

Pizza Neon Artwork

This illuminating sign is so dope, especially for pizza lovers. Get this sign to adorn your kitchen, or bedroom right now!

Lips Dripping

Sexy, and hot Lips Dripping Neon light is best at its game to bring romantic, and flirtatious vibes into the bedroom. You can also hang this in the living room as well, to bring playful vibes

These are the top 10 best selling neon signs in the USA. If anything catches your eyes, and makes your heart flutter, it’s the sign that you should definitely contact Zanvis Neon, and let us bring what’s inside your mind to life. Gorgeous superior quality neon signs with the best price, and support service are always guaranteed with Zanvis.

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