5 ways to Keep Moving

February 10, 2023


Nothing beats being able to travel long distances within a short period. With your ebike, you can do lots of things you enjoy such as exercising, camping, and exploring new places. Electric bicycles have components that make them easier, but you may need more motivation to go riding sometimes. Some factors that can cause this include work stress, busy schedules, or extreme weather conditions. Moreover, KBO bikes are suitable for all terrains and have convenient commuting features.

Biking: 10 reasons for an e-bike

Ebikes come with the ability to rise above commuting challenges like traffic jams and rough terrains. Thus, you don't have to give up riding for some reason. We have put together a few tips to keep you motivated even when you don't feel like riding.

Below are five tips for you with which you can motivate yourself to keep on biking.

Visiting new places

Riding can become a routine, mainly if you use it for commuting from place to place. However, exploring can be exciting, especially if it's a new place. With ebikes, you can travel far distances and visit beautiful cycling trails in autumn without any hindrance. Biking would make getting around easier and exploring every area as you appreciate your surroundings.

While riding, you can also go on other fun activities like sightseeing, wildlife watching, and fishing. You can plan and go on weekend road trips with friends to unique and adventurous destinations you have never been to, such as parks with biking trips and camping sites. The KBO Rangers bikes help you navigate through all these places. Going to such locations can get you excited about biking.

Go for cycling events

There are various reasons why individuals purchase electric bikes, some for health reasons and others for competition purposes. If you last rode your ebike long ago, you can search for cycling events in your vicinity. You can also have a bit of competition with other riders. Some states have biking competitions during the Summer or Spring.

These competitions are promising avenues to show off your endurance skills. Since you're participating in a match, you must prepare for it. This participation would motivate you to cycle regularly. Also, if you enjoy group rides, you can look for a biking club group. As you make more friends with other bikers, you will be motivated to bike more.

Have a routine

You may feel like going biking only sometimes. However, one thing you can do is have a routine plan. Having a daily routine that revolves around biking would also help you cycle regularly. When you have an exercise schedule in mind, it is much simpler to push yourself. It's too tempting to postpone your workout or quit if you don't have a strategy. Try scheduling your rides for a week in advance to prepare ahead and experience the sense of satisfaction that comes with crossing something off a list.

Think of biking as a way of unwinding

We forget, amid our daily lives, that our bodies need rest. Even robots need recharging. Our mental health is critical, but it is only some people who tend to make it a top priority. A bike ride is not necessarily the essential solution to mental health problems, but it can help by taking your mind off things that can stress you out. Taking a day off and time for yourself before the holidays has a lot of health benefits.

You can begin by setting your alarm before usual and embarking on morning rides. It's simpler to persuade yourself to go cycling in the morning as you still feel energized. Moreover, you may feel worn out from the day's activities in the evenings. A nice ride outside allows you to enjoy what nature offers and visit fun and relaxing places. You deserve it!

Challenge yourself

You setting a goal can be a good motivator. A little target planning can go a long way toward making you want to ride more; coming up with a personal record, whether for minutes, miles, or times around the block, can be appealing. You can go out on a beautiful weekend, dress for the weather, take a water bottle, and use your LCD to track your progress. You can become a pro by taking small steps. Remember that only you can break your record. Whether it's a long ride or ascending a mountain doesn't matter. However, setting a challenging but achievable objective will keep you motivated. Additionally, it's a good idea to mark the day on your calendar when you begin.

Some parts of your electric bike you should check before biking

Since it's been a while since you have ridden your electric bicycle, you need to make some quick checks and maintenance before putting your ebike back on the road. The following are some checks you need to make:

Tire inspection:

You may avoid stress by inspecting your tires before you ride. You may check your tires' air pressure by squeezing them.

Brakes checks:

To safely ride your e-Bike, it is essential to ensure your brakes are in good working condition. Before you start riding, use the brakes to make sure they function. Also, walk a short distance on the e-bike before applying the front and rear brakes to ensure they both work.

Battery check:

Ideally, you want to be sure you have enough power to make the trip and return, whether riding to the store, commuting to work, or exploring a forest. Although each electric bicycle has a different battery life, you should start with a fully charged one.


It's a lot of fun cycling with the KBO bikes. You may want to avoid riding your electric bike. You may not ride for some days, weeks, or even months due to a lack of motivation. Perhaps you have yet to ride your bike due to weather conditions or experienced discomfort the last time you rode a bike. It can be challenging to get back on your ebike in some situations. With the tips above and along with your KBO bike, you can take baby steps to start riding again.


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