6 Tips For Choosing The Best Fence For Your Yard

February 6, 2023

Designing one’s home is the highlight for many homeowners. With much empty space in your new home, you can let their creativity run wild and tailor everything to your tastes. However, it’s easy to get carried away. Even though its primary purpose is to boost aesthetics, every part of the house must be calculated and well-thought-out. Otherwise, home security might get compromised, among other things.

A fence is an excellent feature that has multiple functions. While it’s commonly known as an additional security feature, some designs can elevate the house’s style. But others have the best of both worlds when their purpose is to boost security and aesthetics simultaneously. Luckily, it’s easy to contact a fence contractor Northern Virginia and other yard specialists.

You might get stuck once you find out there are all kinds of fences to choose from. Here are some tips to look for which fence suits your home better:

1. Look Up Regulations

Although homeowners can brainstorm designs for their homes, executing them might keep them from going too far, especially for those living in neighborhoods. After all, regulations are in place to consider the rest of the people within the area. Disregarding them or unknowingly violating unpermitted construction would cause more trouble than it’s worth since you’ll be forced to remove them or pay fines.

Even if you’re only installing fences, ensure you’re all caught up with the local restrictions for building new constructions. Consult your neighborhood’s homeowner’s association (HOA) to know if they have any specific requirements. For example, some communities only allow privacy fences for the backyard and not in front of the property. Understand the requirements for installing a fence to avoid trouble and prevent wasting resources.

2. Pinpoint Its Purpose

As mentioned, there are all sorts of fences in the market, with different materials and varying designs. But to make it easier to remember, their variations are separated by these purposes: to create a boundary for privacy, and improve visual appeal.

Fences that serve as a boundary ensure that the belongings you’ve placed in your yard will be safe. You must choose a sturdy fence that can stay in place and withstand most forces to create a distinct line between inside and outside the property. Wood fences are an excellent example.

But as sturdy as they are, some of these fences compromise your privacy. Wrought iron fences may be stronger than wooden ones, but they have wide gaps that allow plenty of visibility into your property. Consider installing shadow box or bamboo fences if you aren't comfortable with being seen while outside.

As for the visual appeal, this caters to homeowners who lean toward aesthetics more than functionality. Picket fences are a classic among many households because they emit a homey feel in traditional suburbs. On the other hand, split rail fencing is perfect for recreating that rustic southern vibe.

3. Determine Your Budget

Another critical factor to consider is your budget. Different materials contribute to the fence’s price tag, with wire fences being cheaper than high-quality fences. Generally, they’re priced per square foot. Thus, measuring how long you want your fence first is wise.

Aside from the fence, you must calculate how much you’ll spend if you’re hiring installation services. Some fences require professionals to handle them properly and file the necessary permits. Otherwise, doing it yourself might ruin their durability before having the chance to use them. Furthermore, see if they come with warranties that last for at least a few years.

4. Consider Maintenance

Since fences are installed outside the house, they’re frequently subjected to the elements until their durability slowly deteriorates. But with the proper maintenance, prolonging their lifespan is still possible. However, not all homeowners can afford to allot time solely for fence maintenance.

Think ahead and determine whether or not your schedule has enough room to add fence maintenance to it. For those who don’t have the time, consider fences that only require minimal care for them to look their best, such as aluminum, vinyl, or wrought iron fencing. On the other hand, high-maintenance fences like wood fences would be perfect for those who enjoy getting their hands dirty with washing and repainting.

5. Include Home Design

Even though it’s not included in the house itself, the fence you’ve chosen must fit the theme you’re going for. Otherwise, it might look out of place. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, considering how many designs there are. One principle you must apply is that similar features go well together—for example, ornate fences suit ornate houses. Avoid straying too far to retain your home’s ‘formula.’

6. Look At Different Angles

Once it’s installed, check out your fence from all sides. Only seeing it in photos is different from looking at it up close. Assess it from different perspectives to get the whole picture, from the sidewalk or across the street. This way, you could determine if the fence fits your home better.


Fences are an excellent addition to one’s home. Not only do they safeguard the yard from unwanted attention, but they also boost the household’s aesthetic value. However, considering the many fences in the market, choosing one might be too overwhelming. But once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll find the right one to complete your home.

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