7 Ways You Can Save Space in a Small Bedroom

February 25, 2023

After the bathroom, kitchen, and garage, the bedroom joined the list of small rooms in a house in the 21st century. The high demand for more housing and rising living costs has facilitated the new adaptation.

Adopting practical storage solutions is the key to saving maximization like any other limited space. You shouldn't limit yourself to a small bedroom's traditional storage and organization styles when you can go creative in seven ways. If you still need more space, you can find commercial storage facilities near you for short and long-term services.

Owning a small bedroom doesn't have to feel like you're sleeping in a closet when there are plenty of ways to maximize space and save more. Below are seven ways to save space in a small bedroom and live happily ever after.

Embrace Sofa Beds

Unlike complex beds, which occupy plenty of space in the bedroom, sofa beds are relatively small and can be adjusted into different sizes to fit one's needs. Sofa beds for small spaces are ideal, leaving plenty of extra space for other essentials.

Even better, you can have an additional sofa bed, using it as a chair as you wait to turn it into an extra bed when your friends come for a sleepover. It's better than owning an extra bed in the same bedroom.

When purchasing a sofa bed, its design (whether traditional, modern, leather, or fabric) should align with your bedroom's style and interiors, and the operating mechanism should be easy to handle.

In addition, if you desire something fancy in your bedroom, go for sofa beds with additional features such as armrests, comfy mattresses, storage spaces, and adjustable head and footrests instead of plain ones. Most importantly, the cost of the sofa bed you wish to acquire for your bedroom should align with your prevailing financial strength to avoid constraints.

Go for Multi-Functional Bedroom Furniture

When space is scarce in the bedroom, multi-functional furniture comes in handy to save you from clutter and congestion. Invest in bedroom pieces that you can use beyond their primary purposes, such as beds and sofas with extra storage units. Also, some bookcases can be folded into a study table, lamp stands with cable management units and mirrors with hooks and shelving properties.

That way, you will be saved from acquiring furniture for every purpose in your bedroom when you combine two or three needs in a single piece.

Make Use of the Bedroom Corners

A small bedroom compels you to adopt strategic storage solutions, where those barely used or hidden corners come in. Besides attracting creativity and uniqueness, installing fancy storage boxes or baskets in one of such corners helps to prevent clutter around the commonly used areas.

Also, hidden corners are the best storage option for items you would love to keep away from everyone else, thus enhancing privacy.

Make Use of Ceiling Support

The ceiling offers plenty of space for different purposes when your small bedroom appears fully occupied from the walls and ground surface. Instead of adding more storage units on the walls, facilitating cluttering and congestion, you can install shelves close to the ceiling to free the down space.

Alternatively, consider shifting into a lofty bed over the standard one and how much space you will have for other bedroom essentials. Another way of saving space in a small bedroom with a ceiling is embracing hanging lights and chairs over the standing ones.

Wall Mount the Mirrors and Lighting

Another practical way of saving space in a small bedroom is to wall mount the mirrors and lighting. The idea frees up plenty of space on the surface for other bedroom items.

Additionally, wall mounting allows you to ideally position lights in your preferred area of operation, such as near the study table. Wall mounting mirrors and lights in a small bedroom also increase the appeal and brings positive energy to the space.

De-clutter Regularly

Because a small bedroom has limited space, de-cluttering regularly is the best way. Misplaced items accumulate in your small bedroom from the last time you performed a thorough arrangement on it without your knowledge. De-cluttering involves shifting items to their appropriate rooms to find more space for existing bedroom stuff.

The process begins with eliminating trash and everything foreign from the bedroom, cleaning all surfaces, and sorting through the clothes. Afterward, organize the room from the bed, closet, dividers, tables, or shelves, and watch how much space you create. Experts have recommended de-cluttering at least once weekly for the most remarkable results.

Make Use of the Space Outside

It's a small bedroom, so having your shoe rack or bookshelf in the immediate corridor or the space next to your bedroom door would be perfectly okay. That way, you will have saved a lot of space in the bedroom for other essentials that cannot be taken outside, such as the wardrobe, bed, and dressing table.

However, when choosing this idea to save space in a small bedroom, do not position the items far from the bedroom as they would lose relevance.


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