8 essential oils to control hair fall and thinning

February 7, 2023

We know how difficult it can be to find the right products for your hair. Every person’s hair is different and not using the right products can lead to hair fall and thinning, something that can be a source of frustration and insecurity. Thankfully, there are natural alternatives that can help to nourish and strengthen your hair, such as essential oils. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of using essential oils for hair health and the best essential oils to control hair fall and thinning.


Using natural products for hair care is important for black women and afro-haired women, as some chemical treatments can cause further damage to hair health. Essential oils are a great natural alternative, as they provide essential nutrients to strengthen the hair follicles, helping to promote healthy scalp conditions and hydrating the hair. There is a range of essential oils used for natural hair care, from jojoba oil to coconut oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil. In this blog, we’ll review the different essential oils and discuss their benefits for healthy hair growth and thickness.

Lavender essential oil

Hair growth can be accelerated with lavender oil. Researchers on one animal study discovered that lavender oil was able to stimulate faster hair growth in mice, which they attribute to the oil's ability to promote cell growth and lessen stress.

Additionally, it possesses antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities that help enhance overall scalp health as well as strengthen the hair follicles.

Apply 3 tablespoons of lavender oil, such as melted coconut oil or olive oil, on your scalp after combining a few drops of lavender oil into it. Before washing it out and shampooing it as usual, give it at least 10 minutes to soak. This can be done multiple times per week.

Rosemary essential oil

Due to its capacity to enhance cellular formation, rosemary oil is a fantastic option if you want to promote both hair thickness and hair growth.

One study found that rosemary oil outperformed the conventional hair growth medication minoxidil while causing less itchiness on the scalp as a negative effect.

Apply a few drops of rosemary oil on your scalp after combining it with coconut or olive oil. Before rinsing it out with shampoo, give it at least 10 minutes to soak. To get the best effects, do this twice per week.

Peppermint essential oil

When peppermint oil is applied, the increased circulation it promotes might have a chilly, tingling sensation. During the anagen (or growing) phase, this will assist in encouraging healthy hair growth and preventing hair breakages.

According to one study, peppermint oil enhanced the quantity, depth, and overall growth of hair follicles in mice and other animals.

Add two drops of peppermint essential oil to your preferred carrier oil. After massaging it into your scalp, wait 5 minutes before completely washing it off with shampoo and conditioner.

Thyme essential oil

Thyme can actively stop hair loss while also stimulating the scalp to encourage hair growth. Thyme oil, like cedarwood oil, has been shown to be effective in treating alopecia and hair thinning.

Among essential oils, thyme is quite potent. Before applying it to your scalp, mix 2 teaspoons of carrier oil with only 2 tiny drops. After about 10 minutes, leave it on before washing it off.

Ostrich Oil

Ostrich oil nourishes hair, repairs broken ends, and gives hair a natural, healthy shine. It can even result in enhanced growth activity of hair follicles.

Ostrich oil has also been shown to be a remarkable anti-aging hidden ingredient that slows down aging. Regular application to the scalp can delay graying and give our hair a healthy appearance.

Ostrich Oil is full of omega 3, 6 & 9 properties and is considered as one of the highly penetrative oils found in nature as it absorbs quickly into the human skin and scalp.

Clary sage essential oil

The same linalyl acetate that makes lavender oil so helpful in promoting hair growth is also present in clary sage oil. In addition to promoting hair development, it can strengthen hair, making it harder to break.

Your preferred conditioner or 1 tablespoon of carrier oil should be combined with 3 drops of clary sage oil. After two minutes, rinse it out if using it every day. Leave it on for 10 minutes if you only use it once or twice a week.

Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree essential oil contains extremely effective cleaning, antibacterial and antimicrobial capabilities. It can aid in unplugging hair follicles and promoting hair growth when used topically.

It's vital to follow the manufacturer's instructions because tea tree oils come in a variety of concentrations. Some items are essential oils that have been concentrated, while others are combined with cream or oil.

Even though more research is required on taking tea tree oil alone, a 2013 study indicated that combining it with minoxidil improved hair growth more than using minoxidil alone.

According to a review from 2015, tea tree is frequently utilized in anti-dandruff treatments and promoting a healthy scalp.

Chebe hair growth oil

Chebe Oil is a hair product created on the basis of a special remedy used by women in the northern African country of Chad to strengthen and promote hair growth called Chebe Powder. The Chebe Powder, which serves as the base of this oil, is made from a shrub called Croton Zambesicus, which is native to Chad and the northern African region.

What makes Chebe Oil truly exceptional is that the chebe powder at its core has been used for centuries and has been proven to be an effective remedy for promoting hair growth and strengthening hair strands. In fact, it has long been considered the secret to Chadian women having long, lustrous hair from generation to generation.

Why you should be using Chebe Hair Oil

Chebe hair growth oil is one of the most effective ways to increase the overall health of your hair and encourage strong, healthy growth. The best Chebe hair oils contain many of the essential oils mentioned above, including lavender oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil and ostrich oil. Chebe powder serves as the major component, maximizing the potency and concentration of all of the other oils while enhancing their synergistic effects.


Overall, there are many options out there for helping prevent hair fall and thinning. A variety of essential oils can help you reach your hair goals if applied accordingly and frequently. However, chebe hair products now provide a great way to increase overall hair health. Not only will Chebe Hair Oil help with growth, but it does wonders in moisturizing, nourishing and preventing breakages as well.


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