8 Must Haves Qualities That Makes a Successful Insurance Agent

February 3, 2023

Are you considering becoming an insurance agent? If you are, I suggest you give this a good read. A clear list of qualities that can make an individual successful in a career is a must-read for anyone deciding on one.

So, what makes a good insurance agent? Obviously, your knowledge of the field and your ability to learn are important. But that’s not all. Any career in a service-oriented field will require a little bit more.

And that’s what we’re here to tell you. An exhaustive list of qualities that can make you a successful insurance agent.

What Regulations Are There?

The insurance industry is highly regulated. That means learning about the regulations is an essential step for any aspirant.

To start off, you should know that the insurance industry is regulated at two levels in Canada. First, at the national level. And then at the provincial level as well.

The federal-level deals with insurance companies and is of little concern to an agent. An agent, or an aspiring agent, should be concerned with the provincial regulations. That's where the certification and licensing requirements are dealt with.

In general, most provinces require a high school diploma, a license, and Continuing Education hours to keep the license. We'll get into the details too.

What Qualifies You?

With a brief idea of the regulations, we can now move on to the qualifications. It is essential to consider the qualification requirements. Why? It's simple. The more stringent the qualification requirements, the more difficult achieving success will be.

The qualification requirements do tend to change from province to province. But here’s a general overview of what you’ll need.

Educational Qualifications

Most provinces only require you to have a high school diploma to be eligible. However, some might need you to have a college education as well.

To be more effective in selling insurance as a product, aspiring insurance agents might consider completing courses in business, economics, or finance. They may also opt to study marketing or psychology to boost their capacity to promote and sell insurance products.

Some schools and universities offer insurance or risk management courses that educate students in insurance theory, security analysis, and fundamental risk management concepts. If you intend to be an underwriter, you should major in risk management and insurance or business with a risk management concentration.


A valid LLQP license is mandatory for anyone trying to be an insurance agent. The first step to getting an LLQP certification is completing an LLQP training. You can take a look at PNC HLLQP license

This program covers the content of the training in a variety of methods making learning easier.

Soft Skills

Honesty and integrity

People are typically wary of individuals in business, sales, insurance, and other areas where they must be sold to. This is why honesty is so important when it comes to establishing trust with clients. Before you can begin pitching or selling insurance to someone, you must first build a solid connection. This starts with being open and truthful with your clients so that they feel at ease dealing with you. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to building trust, but it is typically preferable to begin with, honesty. Allow your customer to ask questions, be upfront and honest with them, and equip them with all the information and answers they require.


Your insurance agent certification will enable you to interact properly with clients, carefully listen to their queries, and give support based on the facts they supply. Professionals should strive to connect with their clients by listening to their issues when providing a service. In this manner, you can guarantee that your counsel is tailored to their specific requirements. Customers want to know that you care about their issues. The most effective method to do this is via open and transparent conversation.


A qualified insurance agent should have an understanding of the business and the ability to keep up with developments in that sector. An agent who is knowledgeable about the many types of policies and coverage alternatives and who keeps up with any industry developments may assist you in making better-educated coverage decisions.

A good insurance agent is capable of much more than simply selling a policy. The agent must be familiar with the tax and legal implications of the goods they sell, as well as how they are intended to fit into a client's overall financial condition.

Professionalism and Detail Orientation

The ability to remain detail-focused in the workplace is an exceptional skill to possess as an insurance agent. With a detail-focused mindset, you can produce and complete accurate work. Detail-oriented personalities can be favorable because they promote a trustworthy and dependable feeling. This might be helpful when selling products and providing high-quality services to existing customers. A professional who is punctual, well-dressed, respectful and has a clean and organized office can boost confidence and build trust in his customers.

Work Ethic

A successful insurance agent must exhibit a strong work ethic and a dedication to customer satisfaction. An organized agent who replies to phone calls and emails promptly might make you feel more confident about your coverage options. They will make you feel safe and secure.


Empathy is a key characteristic of a competent insurance agent. Empathy is the ability to recognize, comprehend, and share the thoughts and feelings of another. It's a potent force for connecting and doing good in the world, and it may have an equally tremendous impact when applied to the insurance claims process.

Every claim is a chance for insurers to demonstrate that they are paying attention and care about their clients. Remember that the policyholder has just experienced a loss. It may be one of their worst days ever. Even if the accident is small, the insured is likely to be concerned about the claims procedure and in need of confidence that they will receive fair and timely treatment.

It's a make-or-break moment for the corporation since many customers will switch carriers if they have a bad experience.

Problem-Solving Ability

As an agent, you should always be willing to help your customers with their issues and guide them through the claiming process. You should be able to answer all their queries with patience. That will make them feel more comfortable and make the buying insurance process less stressful.

That covers everything you need to know. However, we would still suggest you check with your province’s regulator for any other regulatory aspects.


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