A Guide to Shopping Best Carpet for Your Basement

February 15, 2023

Shopping for new carpet can be an overwhelming experience. With so many options to choose from it's hard to know where to start. Selecting the right carpet for your basement is a significant decision, as you want it to look great and last for years to come. This guide will help you navigate through the process of finding the perfect carpet for your basement that meets your specific needs and budget.

What to Consider

When it comes to shopping for the best carpet for your basement, there are a few things you need to consider. Not only do you want the perfect style and color for your home, but you also want something that is going to last and be able to handle everyday wear and tear. With these tips, you’ll be sure to find the perfect floor covering for your space.

Measure Basement & Estimate Amount Needed

Measuring your basement accurately is key in making sure you purchase enough carpet to cover your entire floor. This includes taking into consideration any angled walls or unique shapes that may require extra cuts of carpets in certain areas. When measuring it is important to round all measurements up then add an additional 10-15 percent more than what you measured just to ensure there is enough material when making those tricky cuts.

Choose Carpet Style & Color

The second step is deciding on a style of carpet that will work best in your space. Choose something durable that stands up to moisture and heavy foot traffic like looped pile or Berber carpets, as these materials are denser and provide better support for furniture pieces. Consider also how much maintenance you’re willing to do on a regular basis when selecting a style—for instance, shag carpets require more frequent vacuuming while low-pile options don’t need nearly as much upkeep. But for basement there are two best types of carpet which are removable and easy to maintain.

Residential Carpet Tiles

Removable residential carpet tiles are an excellent option for basements. Not only are they easy to maintain, but they come in any style size or color that you might need. The fact that these carpet squares can be removed and replaced quickly makes them extremely popular for basements. Whether you're just looking for a small area rug or something more substantial, removable carpet tiles will provide the perfect solution. Moreover, these carpets are often made of materials such as nylon and olefin which are extremely durable and resistant to moisture and mildew. This makes them a great choice for damp basements where other flooring options may not last very long. Additionally, these carpets also offer soundproofing benefits which helps reduce noise from upstairs rooms or outside sources.

Removable Carpet Squares

If you’re looking for an easy-to-install and affordable option, removable carpet squares are a great choice! With dozens of different styles and colors available, they provide a clean and neat look that will last for years to come. Removable carpet squares are perfect for any size basement; they allow you to customize the installation to fit your unique space. They’re also durable and easy to clean, making them ideal for high traffic areas or homes with children or pets. Plus, because they’re easily removable, you can switch up the style at any time without needing a professional installer. Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, you can find the best carpets for your basement with removable carpet squares!

Compare Prices & Brands

Next step is to take some time to research various types of carpets so that you can determine what type would work best in your home based on its style. Consider factors such as durability, stain resistance, and budget when making your selection. Once you’ve narrowed down the types of carpet that are suitable for your space, it’s time to begin comparing prices and brands. Look at reviews online from other customers who have purchased similar products before making a decision.

Select Pad & Installation Method

Basements can be extra tricky spaces to carpet, as the pad and installation method are essential for successful long-term results. So, when shopping for basement carpet, always keep these two key components in mind: pad and installation method. First up is the pad; you’ll want to choose a product that is specifically designed to protect against moisture, mildew and mold. A 6-pound rubber pad or 6-pound rebond foam should do the trick; they both provide superior cushioning while still allowing adequate airflow beneath your new flooring. Next step is selecting an installation method that works best with your chosen padding option.

Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

When you bought best carpet, it is also essential to follow best cleaning and maintenance practices for its longevity.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming regularly is one of the most important things that you can do for your carpets. Vacuum at least once per week, or twice if there are pets in the household. Doing this will keep dirt and debris from settling into the carpet fibers and becoming embedded, causing them to look dull over time. Moving furniture around on a regular basis will help vacuum reach those hard-to-reach spots that accumulate dust and dirt quickly. When moving furniture back onto the carpet after vacuuming, use felt pads or plastic glides on all legs of large pieces as this prevents scratches in the pile which can cause further damage if not taken care of properly.

Spot Clean Spills Immediately

One of the most important tips is to spot clean spills immediately. Not only does this prevent further damage to carpets but it also helps avoid stains that can be hard to remove. Stains should be blotted using a paper towel or absorbent cloth as soon as possible after they occur. It is also helpful to have an enzyme-based cleaner on hand which is designed specifically for carpet stains caused by food, drinks or pet messes. This type of cleaner works by breaking down the proteins contained in spills, making them easier and more effective to remove.

Use a Carpet Protector Spray

Carpet protector sprays provide an invisible layer of protection on the surface of your carpets that resist dirt, oils and other contaminants from penetrating into the fibers of your rugs or flooring. Not only do these sprays help protect against everyday wear-and-tear with little effort on your part but they also make it easier to remove stains if an accident does occur.

Deep Clean Your Carpets Annually

It's important to keep the carpets in your home or business clean and well maintained. One way to do this is by deep cleaning them annually. Deep cleaning basement carpets can be particularly beneficial since they are used less often and are typically out of sight, making it easy for dirt, dust and allergens to accumulate.


Shopping for the best carpet for your basement is a process that takes time and consideration. With an understanding of the basics of the various carpet materials, styles, and colors available, you can narrow down your choices to what works best in your home. Additionally, consider how easy it will be to maintain the carpet over time, as well as if it offers any sound insulation benefits. With some research and careful thought, you can find a perfect carpet that fits both your needs and budget.


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