A List Of Books You Should Start Reading For The Holidays

February 27, 2023

The holidays are a time of year to celebrate with family and friends, but they can also be overwhelming. Finding time to read between the holiday parties, decorations, and shopping for presents can be challenging. Luckily, there is never a shortage of fantastic holiday reads! From classic tales to new releases from authors you’ll be excited to meet over the next few weeks, these titles are perfect for any library or book lover looking for something different this season. Online libraries like Z library, ManyBooks, and Good Reads offer these reading materials using any device. Here are our top seven picks you should start reading before the end of the year.

The Night Before Christmas

Writer: Clement Clarke Moore

The Night Before Christmas is a classic, and for a good reason. It's a short, simple tale that shows the true beauty of winter. It is an excellent story to read to your children or younger siblings. The simplicity of this tale makes it a great read, even for young children. While this story is very traditional, it's also a great way to introduce them to the holiday's history. Reading this to your kids also lets you talk with them about the holiday's significance.

A Christmas Carol

Writer: Charles Dickens

Christmas is the perfect time of year to read A Christmas Carol. Ebenezer Scrooge is an excellent example of the power of self-improvement. Through the story, Scrooge learns to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas and becomes a better person. This well-known story is a great way to get into the holiday spirit regardless of your religious beliefs. The story is told through the eyes of Mr. Scrooge, a miserly businessman who is visited by three spirits who show him the true meaning of Christmas. Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, who offers him a young Scrooge as a child and explains the importance of Christmas. The Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge the joy and happiness of Christmas and inspires him to change his ways. Finally, the Ghost of Christmas Future takes Scrooge through a series of visions, teaching him the importance of redemption and forgiveness.

The Nightingale

Writer: Kristin Hannah

It is one of those rare books that is both a New York Times bestseller and a National Book Award winner. As her spouse, Antoine Mauriac departs from the Front, Vianne Mauriac bids him farewell in the peaceful town of Carriveau. She doesn't think the Nazis will attack France, but they do, in large numbers of parading troops, convoys of vehicles and armor, and aircraft that flood the sky and rain explosives on defenseless civilians. When a German commander seizes their house, Vianne and her child are forced to coexist with the adversary. Otherwise, they risk losing all. She is obligated to make one hard decision after another to maintain her daughter alive when they are without food, cash, or confidence and as peril mounts everywhere around them.

Royal Holiday

Writer: Jasmine Guillory

Vivian Forest is excited to join her daughter Maddie on her work visit to London to dress as a royal family member because she has only ever left the country once. She can't wait to spend the holidays discovering everything Britain offers. Despite his adorable accent and rigorous politeness, she doesn't expect to fall instantly in love with a specific personal assistant. Malcolm Hudson has served the Queen for many years, but until now, he has never provided an in-depth, exclusive trip. He catches himself inventing reasons only to spend quality time with Vivian since she intrigues him from the minute he first sees her.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Writer: Dr. Seuss

The Grinch has been residing in a cave on a mountainside for 53 years, towering over the Whos in Whoville. He is much irritated by the raucous Christmas activities and hellish chanting of the delighted small residents downstairs. The Grinch determines that this pointless celebration must end. The Grinch sneaks down fireplaces with empty containers and snatches the Whos' gifts, meals, and even the wood from their little Who-fires, appearing somewhat out of place and highly unpleasant. He dumps the rickety sled on Mount Crumpit and prepares to listen to the Whos' cries when they awake and realize the Christmas decorations are gone. Envision the Whos' shock upon learning about Grinch's sinister activities while posing as Anti-Santa.

A Cat Cafe Christmas

Writer: Codi Gary

Kara Ingalls, a physician and pet lover, wants a Christmas miracle. It was a godsend to establish the Meow and Furrever Cat Café to locate homes forever for lovely, lovable kitties. With more animals than patrons, it's rapidly turning into a catastrophe. The café will not last through Christmas if Kara can't find a way to turn a profit. Ben Reese, a marketing professional, maybe painfully perceptive and irksomely demanding, but when he comes up with a strategy to make the café profitable by Christmas, Kara understands she'd be foolish to refuse his assistance. What matters if he proves to be nerdy-hot and an excellent problem-solver? He is unable to care for even one tiny kitten.

The Holiday Trap

Writer: Roan Parrish

Greta Russakoff adores her close-knit family and her small-town surroundings in Maine, although they do not often appreciate how it feels to be a lesbian in such a close-knit community. She is in dire need of some alone to discover who she is. When Truman Belvedere found that his lover from almost a year had a dark secret that involved a spouse and a child, his heart was shattered into a thousand bits. Ramona steps in to organize a month-long home exchange. Everyone will get an opportunity to test out a fresh identity for the holiday season, and they could find the ideal person for them to fall for. The holiday season will end, and Greta and Truman must choose if the love they each discovered far from home is worth struggling for.


These books are perfect for any reader looking for something different over the holidays. Whether you want to start reading classic tales or try out a new release, any of these titles will be a great read. Online libraries like Z library, Open Library, and ManyBooks can offer the titles above using any device!


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