Best ETFE flexible solar panels for RV

February 18, 2023


The most important feature of flexible solar panels is that they can be bent to fit on uneven surfaces than the usual rigid solar panels. Nowadays, flexible solar panels are the choice of more caravan owners than rigid solar panels on the roof of their caravan. We would like to introduce you to the Sungold TF series flexible panels for RVs, camper-vans, yachts, BIPVs and other applications.


Introduction To The TF Series ETFE Solar Panels

Through continuous technological innovation, the TF Series flexible solar panel is one of the most highly regarded photovoltaic modules. This flexible solar panel is made from Sungold patented material, which is less than 1mm thick, but is extremely robust. This material has high tensile strength and good heat resistance. It is highly impact resistant and protects the solar cells. It is thanks to this material that the TF Series flexible panels are lighter and thinner than other solar panels and can bend more to accommodate more curves.

The surface material of the TF series solar panels is ETFE material. ETFE material is very resistant to corrosion, weathering and is very suitable for outdoor environments. Also, the strong light transmission of ETFE solar panels facilitates the power output of the PV modules.

This product is available in three cell types, one for mono crystalline cells, one for sun-power cells and one for shingled-cells.


The shingled technology uses laser slicing technology to cut the entire cell into several strips and connect the strips with conductive adhesive. This optimizes the module structure and enables zero cell spacing. This tech enables 5% more cells to be placed in the same module area than other types of modules, effectively increasing the module's conversion efficiency. PV modules using shingled technology are more resistant to hot spots than conventional modules and have less risk of hidden cell cracks.

Flexible Solar Panels for RVs

Flexible solar panels can be installed on the roof of a caravan to power the loads in the caravan. In addition to the solar panels you will need to purchase a controller, inverter, battery pack and cables.

Flexible panels are much easier to install than rigid solar panels. There is no need to drill holes, you can apply glue to the back of the flexible solar panel and fix it directly to the roof of the caravan. It doesn't matter if the roof of your caravan is curved, as the flexible solar panels can be fitted to a variety of uneven surfaces.

Alternatively you can mount the solar panels by drilling holes, the TF Series solar panels are also designed with eyelets around the edges, depending on your choice And Sungold will also provide you with cables so that you can connect the solar panels in series or in parallel.

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How to Maintain Flexible Solar Panels?

Removing dirt and dust from your solar panels will improve the performance of the modules and also reduce the effect of shading on the solar panels.

You can clean the surface of the panels with unheated water and then wipe the panels with a damp sponge and damp cloth. You can also use a special cleaner or soapy water to wash away any dirt that has built up. Be careful not to clean solar panels when they are hot. Also do not use chemicals or sharp tools to clean the modules as this may affect the performance of the panels.

TF 0 (1)


The Sungold TF Series flexible solar panels come with a 5 year warranty and have a life expectancy of up to 20 years. If you want to install high efficiency solar panels on the roof of your caravan and then want to DIY install solar panels, you may want to consider this solar panel.


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