Best Types Of Vacation Shoes For Winter

February 20, 2023

If you are a traveler like me, a vacation during winter is one of the best there is. It feels as if nature opens itself at certain places during winter. One main aspect that many men consider during vacation is the ability to pack less. When talking about packing less, clothes can be easily picked. But the difficult process comes when thinking about looking for the right shoe. Some men can easily overpack by taking unnecessary shoes that they rarely use during their vacation. Thus, for such men, who don't really have a clue on what shoes to pack for travel, we have made this article talking about all the best vacation shoes for men in the winter, so that you only pack what is necessary.

Tactical Boots

If on your vacation, you plan on going out for frequent mountain based activities like hiking, trekking, and more, you should definitely get a pair of tactical boots. These boots are a lifesaver in such activities. Thanks to these shoes made out of hard and sturdy material, they are one of the strongest shoes out there in the market, making sure they always protect your feet no matter what. Tactical boots for men usually come in summer-based and winter-based variants. Both are beneficial for the said seasons. Thus, pick one depending on when you plan on wearing them.

Snow Boots

Snow boots are your best option if you need maximum foot warmth. These boots are the best of all the shoes on this list when it comes to keeping your feet warm. Though most of the snow boots in the market lack style and focus only on insulation, there are some rare sellers that make sure these snow boots have both top of the line insulation for foot warmth without compromising on the style. One such vendor is Nortiv8 Shoes.

Snow boots from Nortiv8 look fashionable and are also one of the very few snow boots in the market that can be matched with both winter clothes and also jeans and cotton pants. When speaking of quality, you need not worry since Nortiv8 shoes, in addition to being affordable, are made out of the good quality fabrics and materials, making sure they last you a very long time.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots are ankle boots made for men. These shoes are unique looking and come in both lace and laceless design, with the latter being more commonly bought among men. These shoes are also one of the best to be paired with jeans and are thick enough to be worn during manageable winter without any problem.

Derby Boots

Vacations might involve formal parties and meetings. For such occasions, Derby boots could be your go to choice. Unlike the Oxford Shoes that we shall talk about next, the Derby shoes are suitable for both formal and casual wear and occasions.

Oxford Shoes

If for some reason the Derby Shoes don't appeal to you when planning to wear them with formal suits, because of their slightly less formal nature, the Oxfords are your best choice. Oxfords are also the first choice shoe for many men to be worn with formal dresses, hence you can always be guaranteed that this combo will never let you down. Additionally, do understand that even though both Oxford and Derby Shoes might look almost similar, they do have different lace systems like for example Oxfords have a closed lace while Derby has an open lacing system which is what makes Derby Shoes to be slightly less formal as compared to Oxfords.


Sneakers are the best shoe choice for vacation. This is due to the fact that sneakers can be worn with a large variety of men's clothing from casual to semi-formal to even some formal outfits. This could be ideal for those travelers who plan on packing light and thus having just one shoe for all purposes, making sneakers the best vacation shoe in the market. Additionally, sneakers make you look youthful no matter the clothes you pair with them and are also ideal for winter as well as other seasons.

Monk Strap Boots

Monk strap shoes are a completely different shoe on this list. If you didn't know, these shoes, unlike all the other shoes mentioned on this list, have no shoe laces. Yes, you heard me right. Instead, these shoes have either one or two buckle styled straps on the sides of the shoe that help keep the shoe in place. The buckle strap alone makes many men fall in love with this shoe, and thus have become a must-have vacation shoe for them. Additionally, the monk strap shoes come in a wide range of options like casual monk straps, semi-formal monks, and also formal monk strap shoes.

Penny Loafers

The last shoe on this list is the penny loafers. These shoes originated in the early 1900s and have had a weird history for their existence. As years went by, these shoes became one of the best casual shoes available for men. Due to the fact that penny loafers can be matched perfectly with jeans, which is one of the best winter clothing, these shoes have naturally become a favorite shoe for men during the winter.


In conclusion, winter is one of the best times to go on vacations around the world. Since the option for winter shoes are very limited for men, some people can just overpack their shoes and end up not wearing most of them. Thus if you plan on going for a winter vacation, make sure you look into all the above-mentioned shoes so that you pack only what is essential.


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