Can You Convert A Wine Fridge To A Beverage Fridge?

February 3, 2023

Do you know that you can use a wine fridge to store other drinks apart from wines?

Even though it is called a wine fridge, you can still bend the rules slightly and store other items. For that reason, If you got a wine fridge and now need a beverage fridge to keep your drinks, you don't have to consider buying one. All you need to do is a simple conversion. It's OK to use a wine fridge for your beverages and make your kitchen refrigerator less clumsy.

Sticking to the same idea behind open cabinetry, you can assign a wine cooler for your beverages. It gives an added bit of design to your home decor. In addition, you can store and display your drinks in a fun, socially thrilling style that makes them an incredible complement to your interiors.

So back to your question, can you convert a wine fridge into a beverage fridge? Yes, you can! And how do you do that? Read on to find out.

Can You Convert a Wine Fridge to a Beverage Fridge?

Yes, you can effortlessly convert a wine fridge to a beverage fridge.

Wine coolers can hold wine and beverages like canned and bottled beer, soda, juice, and even water.

How Do You Convert a Wine Fridge to a Beverage Fridge?

You will agree that both fridge types have similar designs, their significant difference being the racking style. You can click on this link to check out the similarities in the designs.

Wine fridges are usually furnished with sliding shelves so wine bottles can be laid flat. Another thing to note is that the racking inside a wine cooler is not created for anything other than wine, so you may need to make some modifications. This might include any of the following;

Lay Your Beverages Diagonally

Usually, you can lay your canned or bottled beverages in a diagonal style to keep them from falling through the holes in the shelves.

Remove Some Shelves in Your Wine Cooler

You can remove some of the shelves in your wine cooler to enable the beverages to stand upright. This is only necessary if you are not okay with your drinks lying down flat.

Place a Sheet Under the Shelves

You can also get some heavy plastic boards to place under the shelves so your beverages won't fall through the openings.

Answers to FAQs on Wine Fridges

What Else Can You Store in Your Wine Fridge?

Apart from wines, there are many items you can store in your wine fridge. They range from edible food items to non-edibles. They are all listed below;

  • Bottled water
  • Party food
  • Chocolate
  • Cheese
  • Snacks
  • Meat
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Cigars
  • Medicine
  • Pet Food
  • Olive oil
  • Makeup or Skin Care Products
  • Glasses & Bowls

Is a Wine Fridge the Same as a Beverage Fridge?

No! Even though a wine fridge and a beverage fridge are similar in their design, they differ in several ways. First, a wine fridge is designed explicitly for wines, so it cannot reach cooler temperatures than the beverage fridge. Also, the shelves in a wine fridge are usually sliding and intended to hold the wines in a laid-down style.


Converting your wine fridge into a beverage fridge is one of the best decisions you'll ever make if you have an underutilized wine fridge. Furthermore, it doesn't incur any extra costs, so be assured that you can still do this even when you're on a budget.

However, you should be aware that your beverages won't be as cold as they would be in a regular beverage fridge because the temperature range of wine fridges is not designed to make chill drinks.

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