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February 7, 2023

SARMs RAD-140, commonly known as testolone, has gained popularity among bodybuilders who claim it possesses muscle-building properties.

Different bodily regions have androgen receptors, which SARMs bind to. These receptors often interact with androgens, a class of steroid hormones.

Because they both target the same receptor, SARMs, and testosterone often have comparable effects. SARMs' primary targets are the liver, bones, and muscles.

Because SARMs are picky about where they function, researchers are particularly interested in them. They have little impact on the prostate and other organs and primarily target the muscle and bone tissues.

Due to its potential, bodybuilders now choose SARMs over testosterone or steroids. While steroids and testosterone promote muscular development, they can have adverse effects on the prostate and other reproductive organs.

Study of RAD-140

1. Boost Asset

According to studies, RAD-140 use may significantly enhance muscular growth and strength:

  • Treatment with RAD-140 resulted in weight gain and increased bone and muscle cell development in individuals with severe disorders (cancer, AIDS, and multiple sclerosis) that cause muscle wasting.
  • Bodybuilders' stamina and endurance during high-intensity interval training improved after taking RAD-140, reducing adipose tissue and enhancing muscle mass.
  • Administration of RAD-140 to animals improves lean muscle mass.

2. Battles Cancer

In the fight against cancer, RAD-140 is displaying favorable outcomes. Studies show that RAD-140 functions as an anti-cancer agent through the following essential mechanisms:

  • By preventing the effects of estrogen on tissues, RAD-140 therapy inhibited the proliferation of cancer cells in patients with breast cancer.
  • A protein known as estrogen receptor 1 (ESR1), known to promote cancer formation, was not produced due to the use of RAD-140.

3. Enhances Mental Health

There is evidence that RAD-140 has neuroprotective properties, which indicates that it can shield brain nerve cells (neurons) from harm or injury:

  • When RAD-140 was administered to rats with Alzheimer's disease (AD) models, the neurons were preserved, and the levels of amyloid beta, an aberrant protein plaque thought to be a defining feature of AD, were reduced.
  • RAD-140 imitates the activation of the brain's advantageous androgen pathways, which promotes the growth and development of brain tissues, improved neuron communication, the generation of memories, and cell survival.
  • New neurons in the rat brain survived longer because of RAD-140.

4. Encourages Loss of Weight

  • Over time, using RAD-140 for sale as a supplement may result in significant fat reduction. This is so that RAD-140's ability to increase muscle mass might indirectly reduce fat tissue.
  • Low-density lipoprotein (LDL), a kind of circulating fat that has been linked to obesity, is decreased as a result of this action. Additionally, having more muscle mass speeds up metabolism, eventually reducing weight.

5. Enhances Sexual Wellness

SARMs like RAD-140, for example, may also increase libido. According to studies, SARMs have a better safety profile and have fewer adverse effects for both sexes:

  • SARMs increased female rats' preference for men sexually, but only if the females had had prior sexual experience.
  • SARMs improved and increased libido and other aspects of sexuality in women.
  • SARMs boosted sexual drive in female rats whose ovaries had been surgically removed, with potency and effectiveness on par with testosterone propionate.
  • SARMs boosted mounts, intromissions, ejaculations, and the effectiveness of copulation in male rats.
  • BPH results in unpleasant urinary issues, including frequent urination, difficulty urinating, a weak urine stream, and urinary tract infections by enlarging the prostate gland. According to studies, SARMs like RAD-140 can successfully cure BPH:
  • SARMs were as effective in reducing prostate weight as finasteride, a drug primarily used to treat BPH, at 5, 10, and 25 mg/kg dosages.
  • Like flu amide, a drug used to treat prostate cancer and BPH, repeated administration of SARMs reduced prostate weight.

6. Enhances Bone Health

  • SARMs are a unique strategy for treating osteoporosis and other bone problems in both men and women. According to studies, SARMs may promote the growth of new bone and stop the age-related loss of bone density.
  • SARM treatment in androgen-deficient rats reduced bone loss and preserved bone quality by promoting bone formation and preventing bone breakdown.
  • SARM treatment boosted bone mineral density and strength in males with late-onset hypogonadism (low levels of sex hormones), precisely like testosterone replacement therapy.
  • SARM medication resulted in a noticeably higher increase in whole-body bone mineral density in male rats castrated.


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