Different Types of QC Inspections

February 9, 2023

Quality control (QC) is essential when making products, as it can affect your brand's finances and reputation. It is more necessary if your suppliers are in a different location from you. Many things are covered up during the manufacturing process to help the factories reduce costs. How else do you affirm the goods being delivered to you meet all the certified product standards? A third-party inspection company carrying out quality control!

Every business needs reliable way of conducting inspections to keep an eye on aspects of production you can't be present for. Such will allow you to ensure your goods and shipment will enjoy the best attention. It will also help you save more money over time by eliminating the chances of chargebacks. This article reviews the different types of QC inspections conducted by indepedent inspection companies to verify product standards.

Types of QC Inspections

There are numerous quality control inspections carried out in different fields of production. Routine and critical examinations of varying natures are employed to confirm that the items are up to the desired standard. Some of the different types of QC inspections include the following:

Pre-production Inspection (PPI)

Inspections such as this are carried out before production, as the name implies. When you start working with a different supplier, it is usually necessary to verify their manufacturing process for quantity and quality assurance. If there will be any issues, it is best to know before a contract is drawn up and activated. You should also know if they are equipped to deliver by the expected date. It can cause a disruption in your entire process if they can't be relied on to be through by the deadline. This information can be easily gotten through a pre-production inspection of the facility and its resources.

During Production Inspection (DPI)

A DPI is an evaluation of the goods, which is done while the manufacturing is still in progress. This process is conducted when only about a tenth of all the items have been produced. Inspection should be as thorough as possible, as this test is necessary to determine if all the moves being made are on track. A contract of continuous production tends to include time requirements the suppliers are expected to strictly adhere to. Quality issues must be found out before manufacturing. During Production Inspection identifies and takes care of any compromise in the required standards. A comprehensive report is prepared by the inspectors, together with images.

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

A Pre-Shipment Inspection is a quality control process carried out after most of the goods have been manufactured and before they are shipped. The items must align with the desired specs. Also, it is crucial to finances that remanufacturing be out of the picture by all means. A PSI is one of the best ways to avoid this. When about 80% of the products have been packaged, a pre-shipment inspection is conducted on them before they are shipped. This helps to remain abreast of standards as they apply and other moves in the business.

Metal Detection

A metal Detection test is carried out on all the products to check for improper placement of needles, pins, and other related objects. Apart from affecting your brand's reputation, it could be a potentially serious problem if any sharp pieces are left undetected for end consumers to find out. This happens if the right metal detection procedures are not carried out. The textile and garment industry is more prone because of sewn items that could retain pieces of needles and pins. To avoid this harmful mistake, metal detection systems are employed at different stages of production, especially during and after sewing.

Check Samples

This aspect of the inspection involves a small number of items chosen at random from a larger batch. These are selected as samples for evaluation, instead of the entire group. With these items, the inspectors can have a general idea of the quality and condition of the shipment. Doing this is necessary to avoid a mass of defective goods ready for delivery. They are inspected thoroughly to see that the design, color, and measurement standards have been met. Certain specs, such as their functions, safety components, and workmanship are also examined to ensure the requirements have been fulfilled properly.

Piece-by-Piece Inspection

At some point, it becomes important that the products be examined closely. Other aspects of the items, such as their appearance, design, safety features, and functions are evaluated before or after they are packaged. A piece-by-piece inspection is carried out on every one of the products manufactured. It is necessary that each one pass this evaluation, or most of them at least. Once this is completed, the ones that meet the specified quality requirements are sealed and certified with an HQTS sticker.

Loading and Unloading Supervision

After production is complete at the factory, delivery is another point that requires careful supervision to ensure proper handling. The suppliers may not be adept at taking care of your goods during shipping and may require professional help. The loading and unloading aspects involve monitoring the entire process of shipping the products to your location. From the factory, an inspector is attached to examine the containers used for shipping and affirm the right quantity. The product information is verified and the packaging is evaluated for compliance and accuracy. Once you receive your shipment, the delivery is signed and sealed with quality assurance.


Quality control in different industries is made up of various types of inspections. Formal evaluations are conducted routinely through the different stages of production. This ensures the items are prepared to the specified standards and handled professionally before and during shipment.

Problems in manufacturing and delivery can affect the efficiency of your supply chain. You should partner with a reliable third-party inspection company to enjoy the best services. EC Global Inspection is a perfect choice for quality assurance. Our professional services include ensuring the best standards necessary for promoting your products in the global market. Get in touch with us today to know more!


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