Eliminate Spiders In Your Home With Pest Control In Rocklin

February 6, 2023

It’s one thing to live with a roommate. It’s another to have a roommate with 8 legs that can climb on walls and bites. One of the most important parts of homeownership is feeling comfortable on your property, and – no matter the size of your home – it is nearly impossible to feel comfortable when you know that spiders may be hiding around any corner.

Mike DeLautre, of Adapt Pest Management, a pest control company in Sacramento, Roseville, and Rocklin, California, has worked with both celebrity and non-celebrity homeowners throughout the region to provide ongoing pest control and support for both luxury and traditional properties.

As part of his work, Mike often inspects properties that have not received pest control before, and one of the most common issues he finds are spiders. “Every house, even those that do not traditionally complain about pests in their home, has spiders in it” says Mike, who operates out of the Roseville and Rocklin area. “The only way to prevent most spiders is with an ongoing pest service.”

Why Spiders Live Inside Your Property

There are several reasons why ongoing pest service is the only way to prevent spiders, and – according to Mike – the main reason that it is critical is not what you think.

“Most people contact a pest control company specifically to get rid of spiders,” says Mike. “It’s one of the most common phobias so, when someone sees one crawling along their wall, they call for pest control services to help.”

But Mike says that the presence of spiders is not the problem. The problem is why the spiders are there in the first place. “Spiders are hunters. They come inside of a property in search of other insects. The only way for them to survive in your property is if they have access to other pests that they can feed on. If you want to prevent spiders, you first have to prevent all other pests.”

That is the primary reason that ongoing pest control is important, and a more effective approach than any one time pest control service. With monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly pest control services, the property owner is able to eliminate not only spiders, but also the pests they seek. This means that even if a spider was able to get into your property, they would have no reason to stay and no food to eat to survive.

What is the Process for Eliminating Spiders?

Spider extermination requires a multi-step approach. There are also situations where you may need a unique approach. The initial process to get rid of spiders, however, is fairly straightforward:

  • Initial Treatment – If you find that you frequently struggle with spiders, we start with an initial treatment. During the treatment, a safe, flower-based pest control solution is placed both inside and outside of your home. This treatment eliminates any pests that still live on your property – not only spiders, but also the insects they eat.
  • Bi-Monthly Follow Ups – Once pests are eliminated inside of your property, all that is left is to keep them away. Most pest control is able to last about 2 months before it starts to fade, so every two months, we come back and create a barrier that pests cannot easily cross.
  • Additional Pest Control – Pest control in Rocklin, and throughout the Greater Sacramento area, can be a bit more complicated. That is because the homes in the Rocklin, Roseville, and Sacramento area are often older, which means that they may have air leaks and other entrance points. In those cases, your pest control company may need to seal the holes or use creative solutions to address weak spots.

You and your Rocklin pest control service will discuss options and what is needed based on the review of your property. But Mike says that the most important part of pest control is to understand that spiders themselves are not always the problem, but a symptom.

“There are some solutions we can use to specifically target spiders that are more effective than others” says Mike. “But above all, we need property owners to understand that spiders do not waltz onto a property for no reason. They are looking for something. The best thing you can do is make sure they do not find it.”

Next Steps: Ongoing Pest Control

It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity with a luxury property or someone that lives more modestly. Every property, no matter how new or how extravagant, needs to consider an ongoing pest control service. It is the only way to get rid of spiders – and other pests as well.


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One comment on “Eliminate Spiders In Your Home With Pest Control In Rocklin”

  1. Oof. I hate spiders. Never thought about the idea that they might be in the home to eat some of the other bugs we have. This is cool, thanks.

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