Everything You Need to Know Before Pipe Restoration

February 9, 2023

Damages to pipes are annoyingly common, and focusing on their repair can be almost a full-time task for some. However, you cannot leave your pipes unattended because long-term negligence of plumbing maintenance is the biggest reason behind unexpected pipe bursts and other accidents. To keep your pipes in pristine condition, the best thing you can do is keep an eye on the factors that damage them. In case the damage has already been done, all you can do is act fast to restore functionality.

Factors That Contribute to Pipe Leaks

When it comes to the plumbing of any building, leaks and creaks are bound to show up. Leaks, spouts, performance issues, and spiking bills all point to the fact that there is an undetected problem in your pipes. Often pipe degradation is the sole reason behind all these woes. Keeping yourself informed about these factors that lead to pipe degradation will help you take preventative measures and later keep the drastic pipe rehabilitation or restoration at bay.

Corrosive Elements

Corrosion is singlehandedly responsible for almost all the pipe bursts or leaks you will come across. Most of the time, the water that these pipes carry is rich in minerals that negatively affect their condition. You can easily distinguish between pipes that carry hard water and soft water.

In addition, when the pipes are not installed properly, the friction and opposing charges also cause damage to the pipe. Leaving damaged pipes unattended leads to the exacerbation of the problem, ultimately resulting in premature bursts and their expensive replacement.

Environmental Factors

If you were to keep count, there are endless environmental factors that can lead to the deterioration of the plumbing. From earthquakes to temperature fluctuations to sudden changes in the chemical composition underground, significant damage is done to the structure of pipes, especially if they were already on the path of corrosion.

Pipes made from materials such as plastic, clay, cement, and copper are the most prone to environmental damage. In addition, specific points on the pipes, such as the laterals and joints, are also vulnerable to damage from environmental conditions.

Impact of Installation

If you want your pipes to last long, it needs to be installed properly. As mentioned previously, incorrect installation leads to more wear and tear and faster deterioration of your pipes. The commonly seen failures during pipe installation include improper debris removal, poor pipe placement, and short insertion.

Water Pressure and Turbulence

The right water pressure is relaxing when you are taking a shower. Any changes in this take the fun out of the entire activity. Similarly, if the water pressure in the pipes is too high, the integrity of the pipes is affected by excessive force. Combined with the turbulent flow of water in the pipes, be it alterations of pressure or velocity, the condition of the pipes takes a direct hit. Most pipe degradation occurs when water pressure or turbulence comes into play with incorrect installation as well.

Factors to Consider During Pipe Restoration

Location of the Pipe

While you get an expert to restore faulty pipes, it is important to take note of their location. Is it above the ground or below it? Based on their location, it is easier to assess what is wrong with the pipes. If located below ground, the pipe could have been subjected to pressure from the surrounding soil, hydrostatic forces, and surcharge. Restoration is quicker and easier for pipes located above ground that are not acted on by external pressures.

Existing Condition of the Pipe

Before starting the repair or restoration of any pipe, you need to analyze its condition at the moment. Visual inspection and other analyses can be done to determine this. If the pipe has very little structural damage and the integrity is relatively intact, you can opt for repairing the damages, whereas if the pipes are in poor condition, replacement is the better choice.

Performance Goals

Before you start the maintenance work on pipes, you need to determine your goals for them. Based on what kind of pipes you have in place, how long you would like them to last, and various other factors, you can decide how much work to do on the plumbing. This is one way to keep the maintenance costs in check, especially if you are planning a complete renovation or moving from the house in the near future.


There are numerous ways in which pipes can be repaired and restored. The key to making the best of your investment is to diagnose the damage that has been done to your plumbing accurately and counteract to resolve the issue. With an expert at your side, getting your plumbing back in shape is an easy task.


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