Glass pool fencing with a frame or without a frame

February 5, 2023

Glass pool fencing is a popular alternative to traditional steel or aluminum pool fencing because it doesn't often have the cage-like appearance that traditional pool fencing has. Glass fencing offers an unhindered view of your pool, making it the focal point of your backyard's design rather than using bars to block it.

Framed glass fencing is exactly what the name implies: it is a type of fencing made of glass panels that are held in place at the top and sides by posts made of stainless steel or aluminum. Compared to metal bars, this offers a far more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Glass fencing without frames takes things a step further. The frameless glass fencing is made of toughened glass panels that are covertly fastened at the bottom by spigots or pin fix stand-offs.

Frameless glass pool fencing advantages

Frameless glass pool fencing has a number of advantages over conventional and framed glass pool fencing in addition to being nearly invisible.

1. It facilitates keeping an eye on the children.

The frameless glass pool fencing provides a clear view of the pool area, which makes it much simpler to supervise kids. You can always watch what they're doing from the luxury of your banana lounge on the deck, or even from inside by looking out the window.

2. Climbing it is quite difficult

A level barrier that even the most determined young climber cannot scale, frameless glass pool fencing is unlike typical pool fencing, which occasionally has footholds that kids can use to propel themselves upward.

3. it’s quite durable

During the manufacturing process, tempered glass that is 12mm thick (gates 8mm/12mm) and heated to more than 700 degrees Celsius are used to create frameless glass pool fencing. Because of this strength, the fencing may be dropped on concrete without shattering. This means that you won't need to be concerned about children damaging it or extreme weather and temperature changes.

4. It complies with all regulations.

Frameless glass pool fencing complies entirely with Australian safety standards for pool fencing, provided it is acquired from a reliable vendor like trade glass depot.

5. it’s an excellent investment

Although frameless glass pool fencing is clearly more expensive than the more conventional metal pool fencing, the added expense will quickly be recovered. In contrast to conventional metal pool fencing, which can rust over time and need to be painted again, frameless glass pool fencing will last for a very long period. The only maintenance required for frameless glass pool fencing will be occasional hose-downs and detergent cleanings, saving you money on ongoing repair and replacement expenditures.

6. Your yard appears larger.

Because frameless glass pool fencing reflects light from the surroundings, it might give the impression that your outdoor gathering space is larger than it actually is. When you're hosting a big party, this is fantastic.

7. It looks fashionable.

Your outdoor space has a contemporary, minimalist style thanks to the clean lines of frameless glass pool fencing. This will boost the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor entertaining space and boost the market value of your house.

8. You can take in the entire backyard.

You can enjoy the other aspects of your garden since frameless glass pool fencing is so virtually undetectable. Such as while you're swimming or relaxing by the pool or gardens and landscaping

9. It withstands chemicals in pools

Frameless glass pool fencing is the best option for areas around swimming pools because it is resistant to chlorinated pool chemicals, unlike metal pool fencing, which can corrode with time.

10. It serves as a useful windbreak.

Frameless glass fencing allows the sun to shine through while obstructing the wind. This allows you to utilize your pool throughout the year for longer lengths of time, even the chilly months.

Pool barrier made of frameless glass is unrivalled.

If you're establishing a new swimming pool or preparing to upgrade an existing pool fence, frameless glass pool fencing is the undisputed champion in terms of strength, safety, longevity, visibility, and pure good aesthetics.

Pool fencing made of frameless glass in Frankston

We are specialists in frameless Glass Pool Fencing Frankston, and our team of knowledgeable fence installers is prepared to assist you in making the best decision for your new swimming pool fencing requirements and to respond to any technical queries you may have.

A useful frameless glass pool fence can give any indoor or outdoor pool space a beautiful and contemporary touch. Our frameless fencing is smooth and understated, giving every backyard a touch of elegance.

You can trust Trusted Trade Fencing to transport and install your frameless glass pool fence or frameless glass balustrade to the highest professional specification because of their more than 15 years of experience, emphasis on quality, and after-sales service. To request a free price estimate or for further information, get in touch with us right away.

Frankston Glass Balustrades

Would you like more privacy? Invest in tinted glass. You must have clear visibility. For you, clear frameless glass balustrades are the best option. Additionally, customers can select their own patterns for the glass finish.

The glass balustrades are all hardened for the utmost in security and toughness. We provide fully-framed, semi-frameless, and frameless balustrades, so there is a style to suit your needs and preferences.

Our skilled engineers can create a unique design that will enhance the appeal and worth of your home. After that, our contractors will quickly and effectively install your new balustrades while guaranteeing minimal interruption to your home or place of business.

For any home, business, or resort with a swimming pool, they are a great investment because installing them costs far less than paying lifeguards would! We'll now go over some additional benefits of glass pool fencing.

  • Glass pool fencing is nearly undetectable; even if it were constructed of glass, it would still appear to be a stunning view. Part of the pool will vanish behind the gate when it is in use, but with all the advantages, you don't mind at all! So, the ideal alternative for you is glass pool fencing if you want to increase protection without sacrificing the appearance of your home. Clear Choice Pool Fencing has a variety of types, so be sure to check out their offerings.


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