Grease Gun: Different Types and Uses

February 26, 2023

Grease guns are used in industry to apply lubricant to bearings precisely where it is necessary. In terms of time and money saved, downtime avoided, and bearing life increased, a high-quality grease gun may become a shop maintenance worker's best friend.

Research indicates that demand for grease guns, due to their practicality, will soon see a substantial uptick. Demand for grease guns is expected to soar over the next decade, from its current value pool of $1.5 billion by 2023-end to $2.9 billion by 2033, at a CAGR of 6.8%.

Grease guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and their features and styles are subject to personal opinion. But, knowing the various kinds and their intended applications is essential when selecting the right grease gun for the task. Read on to discover all you need to know about selecting a grease gun for your application.

Different Types of Grease Guns

Manual Grease Guns

There are two distinct kinds of hand-operated grease guns—lever and pistol guns. Because of its mechanical design, the lever grease gun can generate substantial force, and it necessitates very tight tolerances and tough, machined parts.

In heavy industry, including mining, cement, pulp and paper, and steel, a lever gun is your best bet. For applications requiring big bearings with greater clearances for grease to flow, the optimum option is a lever grease gun with a high output of grease each stroke, which creates lesser pressure. Use a lever-operated grease gun with greater pressure but lower output volume for smaller bearings in industrial settings.

In comparison to larger grease guns, the pistol grease gun has a lower mechanical advantage and generates less pressure. Hence, tight tolerance metal-to-metal fit is not as essential. In addition to its usage in the automotive and small-tractor repair industries, the pistol-grip grease gun has a wide range of non-industrial uses. Low pressure and limited output per stroke are typical of the pistol grip gun.

Electric Grease Guns

One of the most helpful tools for professionals who run heavy gear and equipment is an electric grease gun. This type of grease gun is versatile, since it may be used on both light and heavy machinery to inject grease into machine components.

In most cases, electric grease guns are less expensive than pneumatic ones, and they don't make nearly as much noise, either. Although power connections might be a nuisance, these devices' small weight makes them more convenient to carry about and use. One other thing to keep in mind is that electric guns need a lot of upkeep. There is more wear and tear on the guns' components, especially the engines.

Battery-Powered Grease Guns

Battery-powered grease guns are the way to go these days. Electric power tools that don't need an extension cord are both simple and practical. The battery and electric motor have seen significant advancements, allowing these instruments to have far longer run durations than their predecessors.

Lithium-Ion Grease Guns

A lithium-ion grease gun can perform twice as quickly as manual grease guns thanks to its strong motor, which can blast 10,000 maximum pressure through blocked grease fittings. A pump filter screen unique to these models further increases the pump's longevity by blocking dust and debris from entering the pump mechanism. In addition to its base that enables it to remain upright when placed down, it also contains built-in LED lights to brighten dim locations.

Pneumatic grease guns

These grease guns are more powerful than their manual counterparts, allowing for the more efficient lubrication of machinery, fewer labor costs, and shorter turnaround times. They are more reliable and result in cheaper running expenses since they are powered by compressed air rather than electricity. Also, the guns are not impacted by humidity or water. They last longer because there are fewer high-wear components thanks to the motor's well-regulated airflow.

On the other hand, pneumatic guns make a great deal of noise when used, so it's important to safeguard your ears. An incident might also occur if the hose attachment is handled improperly. A careless person may trip over it or get it twisted on anything. Pneumatic grease guns may be lightweight and compact, but the accompanying compressor might be troublesome to transport.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the right grease gun will depend on your personal preferences, what you're using it for, and how often you intend on using it. But any of the grease guns mentioned here will have your bearing lubrication needs taken care of in no time.

When the correct lubricant, fittings, and safety precautions are applied, they can reduce the time spent on lubrication tasks while increasing the time between major repairs and decreasing unscheduled downtime.


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