How to Buy Residential Metal Fence Panels

February 27, 2023

Metal fences have been around for years and are highly demanding materials used across residential and commercial sites. This is because they are budget friendly, exceptionally durable, and most importantly, maintenance free.

While, searching the right residential metal fence panels you will confront a number of choices and out of which choosing the right one can be a daunting task. In order to help you, this blog post details out comprehensive information on different types and styles of metal fences available, and gives a tutorial on how to select the best metal fence panels.

Types of Metal Residential Grade Fence Panels:

There are wide ranges of residential metal fence panels available out there; however, each of them varies in terms of design, material, and size. Here are three common metal fence options that you will face:

1. Wrought Iron Fencing:

  • Features: Wrought iron fences are strongest amongst all metal fences and have been widely used for centuries for its sophisticated style, incredible strength, exceptional durability, and elegance.
  • Color range: Mostly, iron fencing is available in black and white colors; however, they can be polished to compliment any theme, landscape design, and architecture.
  • Pros and cons: Iron fences are 100% recyclable thus making them eco-friendly option. However, iron has a tendency to rust and oxidize; therefore, a periodic maintenance is required. This drawback makes it the most expensive option amongst others.

2. Aluminum Fencing:

  • Features: Aluminum is known for their everlasting durability, beauty, affordability, strength, and styling thus making it a great match for residential fencing.
  • Color range: It can be designed with hundreds of colors, styles, and design combinations to create a fence of your choice.
  • Pros and cons: Aluminum fences have great resistance against corrosion and extreme climatic conditions making them ideal for exterior purposes. Moreover, it will let you save installation and maintenance cost. The only drawback is that it is not as strong as wrought iron or steel fencing.

3. Chain Link Fencing:

  • Features: Chain link fence system are installed to add solid boundary and provide ultimate security for extensive periods of time.
  • Color Range: Chain Link Fences do not add much to beauty or pose an aesthetic quality that is why they come in standard shape, color, and style.
  • Pros and Cons: When it comes to advantages, it is an excellent option as these are inexpensive, easy to install, and very functional in terms of providing safety. Its only drawback is that there is a limited choice of styles which makes it difficult to go well with any traditional architecture.

Understanding metal fences on the basis of styles:

Material is only one aspect on the basis of which we have classified residential metal fences, apart from this, these can be distinguished on the basis of styles and panel designs. There is an opportunity who can fill gap in technology by presenting electric cars manufacturing plant business plan. We have jotted common styles of metal fences that are highly trending nowadays.

  • Pressed spear: As the name indicates, pressed spear metal fences have panels with pinched tops which resemble spear. This design is commonly used to enhance security at prominent premises.
  • Quad ball and spear: A bit different from pressed spear, where the quad ball and spear panels have four fins along with a ball at the top. The size of these fence panels varies from 4 to 6ft.
  • Hoop and Spear: This classic style has hoops and spear fixed together to create a harmonious design at the same time keeping the spear within hoop. This style works great with light weight fencing material like aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Triad Spear: The triad style enhances security through its pointed top which is meant to keep your property safe from unwanted animals or human intruders. This style is a common option found in wrought iron metal fences.

How to select the best Residential Metal Fence Panels:

Selecting an appropriate metal fence panels can be simple only when you are aware about your fencing goals. If you are new to this, then here is a step by step guide on how to select the right metal fence panels for your home.

  • Define your preferences in order to make right purchases.
  • Research about panel materials, styles, designs, and sizes that blends well with your architecture.
  • Estimate cost for design combinations.
  • Choose the right kind of panels to achieve picture perfect fencing.


While, installing metal fence panels at your residential site; it is important to choose the right panel type and style which caters all your needs. This blog post has all the information on the kinds and styles of metal fence panels available in market, and gives array of reasons why choosing the best metal fence panel will make a difference.



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