How to Help Loved Ones Make the Most of their Education

February 12, 2023

A solid education is one of the most important things anyone can invest in. It opens the door to endless opportunities, as well as the chance at better salaries, and more fulfilling jobs. However, many find it difficult to make the most of the educational options available to them. Whether you’re supporting your partner as they return to school to expand their earning potential, or you’re helping your child plan a successful future down the road, there are various ways you can assist your loved ones in getting the most value from their education. Here are some top tips to get you started.

Set Clear Goals Together

Setting clear, smart, and realistic goals is one of the best ways to set anyone up for success. Goals help us to define exactly what we want to achieve and ensure we can plan the right strategy to reach our targets. Sit down with your loved one and ask them what kind of things they want to accomplish with their education. Is there a specific role they want to pursue? Do they want to attend a particular college for a certain reason? What’s motivating them to continue their education? Discussing your loved one’s goals with them will help them to think carefully about what they want to achieve, and how they’re going to reach crucial milestones. You can even work together on creating a plan for success.

Provide Constant Support

Pursuing an excellent education can have several benefits, from improving a person’s earning potential, to teaching them essential skills. However, education isn’t without its challenges. The more time a person spends on their education, the more expensive, stressful, and complex the experience is likely to become. Many students find themselves in need of regular emotional support. As a parent, guardian, or partner, you can’t necessarily eliminate the stresses and challenges your loved one will encounter, but you can be there for them no matter what. Let them know they can always come to you with questions and concerns, and you’ll do your best to help. Remind them that it’s okay to make mistakes and let them know you believe in them.

Provide Financial Help

Not only can achieving an excellent education be stressful and time-consuming, but it can be extremely costly too. The price of tuition and resources for college can often leave many students struggling with significant amounts of debt. While you might not be able to pay for your loved one’s education, you can provide them with extra financial support. You could consider cosigning a student loan with Earnest to help your loved one access a better deal, with more affordable terms. You can also work with them to come up with budgeting plans and financial strategies which will help them to live within their means when they’re getting their degree or pursuing higher education.

Help Them Build Good Habits

The right habits can make a difference to how successful someone is with their education. Many students need to be able to manage a complex schedule, which requires them to balance their time between study, work, and various other responsibilities. With that in mind, you could consider providing them with advice on how to organize their time effectively, using calendars and time slots for everything they need to do. There are plenty of other good habits you can help your loved ones to build as they pursue their education too. If you’re trying to support your child through college, you could teach them how to avoid procrastination, and stay focused with various useful strategies, like the Pomodoro technique. Alternatively, you could help them develop habits which improve their mental and physical health, so they’re less likely to burnout or deal with excessive stress.

Celebrate Their Achievements

Finally, one of the best ways to help your loved one get the most out of their education, is to show them just how wonderful the right education can be. When your child gets a good grade, passes a test, or accomplishes something in school, celebrate with them. This will help them to see how their hard work can pay off in the long-term. Similarly, if you’re supporting a partner who’s returning to school after time away, remind them to celebrate the small wins regularly. Even if they’ve just managed to stick to their study schedule for a week or two without being overwhelmed by other distractions, it’s worth celebrating their accomplishment. These little celebrations could be all your loved one needs to stay focused and motivated.


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