How To Make a Claim if Bitten by a Dog

February 4, 2023

Dog bites are more common than you can imagine. Being a dog owner, you are responsible for keeping other people safe from dogs. If a dog is well-trained, it is highly unlikely that it will attack a passerby, but it is not impossible. Usually, the dog owners have a clear idea about how friendly their dog is and what could be a trigger for the dog. The passerby and other people should respect the dog’s space and not intrude more than necessary. If you were in a similar situation, you could file a dog bite injury lawsuit and receive compensation for your injuries.

File a Dog Bite Claim Immediately

You must report any such incident as soon as possible. Even though any such accident that has happened in the last three years can be reported but the sooner you report it, the better. The bite shouldn’t only be reported to the authorities but also to the dog owner in case they weren’t present at the location.

Get the Medical Records that Prove Your Statement

If you were seriously injured, or even if it was just a scratch, you are required to go to the hospital and get your laceration or injury checked. There are chances that you will be given a few shots to ensure that no reactions occur later on. These medical examination results can help you with the claim that you later make in court or through your attorney. Make sure that the reports show the actual picture of your injury and that no exaggerations are involved.

Look for Any Related History for the Dog

If you were bitten by a stray dog, you don’t have much evidence to look for, but if it was a dog from your neighborhood, there are chances you could find some history. Usually, well-trained dogs do not go around biting other residents, but some dogs have a history of being aggressive. Make sure to dig in and see if the dog has done any such thing in the past as well, and this would also make for a strong case.

Take Pictures

Take pictures of your injuries to attach with your claim. This will give an exact picture of your injuries and support your medical report as well. The defense can have a stance in court that you are exaggerating your injuries and no such injuries of such extent were sustained. The pictures will help build your case and also prove to be evidence.

Look for Any Witnesses

Witnesses can help make or break a case. The defense can also claim that you were too near the dog and that it attacked in self-defense, and this is when the witness will validate the claims. The witness can be presented in court, and they can relay the story to prove that you were not at fault or what happened at the location.

Dog bites can be very traumatic, and you might be afraid of dogs for the rest of your life. However, you must file a claim and get compensation for your pain.

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