How To Prepare Your Property For A Tree Removal

February 2, 2023

You might need to remove a tree from your property for several reasons. Perhaps it has become an eyesore, drying up, or posing a danger to your property. However, you don't just wake up and jump into tree removal. It is important to prepare your property adequately before D-day. Removing a tree can become hazardous if you don't exercise caution. Adequate preparations help you avoid accidents and complete the activity promptly and affordably.

The first course of action should be talking to professionals. It's because they're certified and trained to remove trees. Again, when working with professionals, you don't have to worry about the risks associated with tree removal. Professional tree removers, such as Tree Removal Lane Cove, have completed numerous tree removal tasks, and you can count on the skills and expertise they've gained over the years.

On that note, here's how to prepare your property for tree removal:

1. Examine The Tree

Before starting the tree removal process, it's best to examine it first. It helps you decide on the easiest way to remove the tree. Remember that tree roots grow deep. If the tree is close to your house, it is essential to assess whether the tree might cause damage to your house's foundation. One tactic is estimating the tree's age, which may help you determine how deep the roots are.

Also, a visual examination will help you determine whether the tree needs removal. You can check the health of a tree by observing the color of the leaves and the bark. A sickly tree with no new leaves or branches growing may be already dying, indicating you need to remove it. You should call an arborist to advise you on what to do next. They'll also assist you in telling the width, length, and age of the tree.

On the other hand, assessing the tree's strength helps you decide on the correct procedure to remove the tree. It might be shakily or firmly anchored into the ground. Uprooting could work for shaky trees, while cutting the stem may be more appropriate for firmly rooted trees.

2. Prune The Tree

Pruning the tree ensures you'll have an easy time removing it. It involves cutting down drying branches. If two or more trees grow together and their branches intertwine, you may want to prune them and isolate the tree scheduled for removal. Also, cut off branches that add weight or may cause the tree to curve in another direction. Your arborist can advise you on the most appropriate technique to prune the trees.

3. Clean Your Yard

In most properties, trees act as excellent spots for shade. You probably have makeshift seats under the tree's shade, if not formal outdoor furniture. Thus, if you plan to remove a tree, you must notify your family and neighbors of your intention. Also, ensure you uninstall benches around the area to avoid damaging them.

You'll also need to clean and clear your yard. For instance, if you have exterior decors like pots or flower vases, the tree might destroy them when it falls on them. Thus, cleaning your yard and reducing the chances of destroying valuable property is crucial.

4. Plan The Felling Area

Given their length, trees can fall beyond your compound's boundaries. The huge ones grow to over 50 meters tall and can cause considerable damage if the felling zone isn't appropriately determined. A falling tree can damage internet cables, electricity lines, a fence, or even your house. Thus, it helps to identify an appropriate felling area and rid it of all valuables.

The tree removal company can adopt other felling methods for restricted compounds to avoid damaging property. For instance, they can cut the stem in manageable intervals instead of cutting it at the bottom and allowing the entire length to fall over.

You can use yellow caution tape to cordon off the site for trees bordering public areas. But the tape isn't enough. Ensure someone is on standby during the felling process to watch out for any onlookers or passersby who may try to breach the caution tape.

In most cases, you should notify authorities and service providers of your tree removal intentions. Ensure you get a permit to avoid potential lawsuits.

5. Make Space For Tree Removal Vehicles

You might need to use heavy machinery and vehicles like wood chippers and trucks when removing the tree. You should create some exit and entry points to ease the process. Ensure the area around the tree can accommodate the vehicles and equipment. It helps make the removal simpler and faster.

Remember, some of the tree removers charges by the hour. Thus, you'd want to avoid any complexities in extending their time on site. You can also request your neighbors to avoid street parking if you suppose the tree may reach such areas.


A tree removal exercise may look easy, but it can be a safety hazard if you don't follow the necessary precautions. Prepare your property by following the tips above, and you'll easily remove a tree from your property. You can guarantee a safe tree removal process by working with professionals with the necessary expertise and equipment for the job.


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