Introducing the custom features of Premium Telegram

February 16, 2023

Telegram Premium is a new version of Telegram that was recently available to users. This subscription service, which is offered under the name Telegram Premium, offers special and new features for users, which we will introduce in this article.

Telegram Premium is a new version of Telegram that was recently made available to users by Pavel Durov, the owner of this social network. Considering that the number of active Telegram users has reached 700 million active users per month, Telegram has decided to introduce its new subscription service to users. This subscription service, which is offered under the name Telegram Premium, offers special and new features for users, which we will introduce in this article.
Telegram's new and customized features will be available to users by paying a certain monthly subscription. According to Telegram's previous announcement that Telegram will be a free program forever, the previous features of this software are still available to users for free. Also, with new updates, these features will be better and more; But there are also non-free and customized features in these updates and updates, which will be available by paying a subscription fee. In the rest of this article, we will examine these features in more detail.

What is Premium Telegram?

The owner and director of Telegram, Pavel Droroff, has repeatedly announced that this program will be free for all users and that people can use the features of this program without paying; But at the same time, he announced that in order to continue the life of Telegram, he will do this without the need of advertising companies and through his users. In this regard, Telegram presented its premium and subscription version.
This service is available to all users with the Telegram program update; But only users who have paid for its monthly subscription can use these features. Along with the new and unique features of Telegram, this program has also improved its previous features and continues to provide them to users for free.

Telegram custom features

Additional features that have been added to Telegram are only available to users who have paid for its monthly subscription; But the free features of this program will remain free and may be added to them in future updates. In the following, we introduce the new and customized features of Telegram.

Doubling the limit for Telegram limits

In the Telegram program, users had limitations in some areas, such as the number of channels or groups joined or the size of files sent; For example, it was not possible to send files larger than 2 GB in Telegram. This feature is doubled in Telegram Premium, which means that users can send messages up to 4 GB. Also, the capacity to add to groups and channels has also been doubled. Another thing in this feature is that you can pin 10 conversations and channels on the top page of your Telegram instead of 5 pinned conversations at the top of Telegram.
The number of more characters in the Telegram biography, as well as the possibility of adding a link to it, is another important feature of Telegram Premium. On the other hand, the number of characters you can add to multimedia content in Telegram Premium has increased, and users can reserve 20 public links for themselves.

The possibility of converting voice to text in telegram premiumlimits

One of the important features that is available to users in the new and shared version of Telegram is that users can convert their voice to text. This feature is currently used for English voices and does not support other languages; But Telegram has announced that they will soon add other languages to this feature.

Animated emojis and making stickers in premium Telegram

One of the attractive features for premium users is that they can send animated emojis. Although these emojis can be viewed by free users; But they will not be able to use it and can only see it. On the other hand, the number of these emojis will be more and more diverse in the next updates. In the new version of Telegram, the ability to react to messages was activated for users; But these emoji reactions will have more emojis for premium users and they can also use animated emoji. On the other hand, premium users can show more than 3 different reactions to a message; But this feature for free users is still a reaction for each message.
Also, in creating a user account, you can use emojis and special features to make your profile a special one.
In the subscription version of Telegram, users will be able to create attractive stickers using Telegram's introduced programs and bots. Also, they can use Telegram's new and attractive stickers introduced for the premium version.

More download speed in premium telegram

One of the important and practical features of Telegram Premium is its high download speed. People who subscribe to the premium version of Telegram use a much higher download speed. This feature is one of the important reasons why many Telegram users buy Telegram premium .

Removal of advertisements in Telegram Premium

One of the things that was seen in the recent Telegram updates was the presence of advertisements. These advertisements were displayed for users after the last message in the channels and were done by Telegram itself. These ads are sometimes annoying for some users and the channel managers had to endure such ads; But in the premium version, there is no news of these annoying ads. People who pay the monthly subscription of Telegram will not see the advertisements of the channels and these advertisements will be removed for them.

Receive a blue tick for premium Telegram users
One of the things that can be seen in Premium Telegram is the possibility of buying a blue tick. Users can buy blue tick for their channel or personal account. This work is of great importance for channels or well-known people, and they can increase the credibility and value of their channel or group by purchasing a blue tick.

Advanced chat management for premium Telegram users

Advanced chat management for premium Telegram users Users who purchase and use the premium version of Telegram can use the special feature of this version for advanced management of their chats. Using these features, users of the premium version can hide their messages in groups from the view of users who are not in their audience list. Also, they can categorize their chats for easier use. Automatic archive of chats is another feature that premium users have.
Managing chats in the paid version of Telegram provides users with various features. You can organize your default folders so that when the app opens, it opens on a screen of your choice. Also, by applying some settings, you can automatically mute new chats or put them in the default folder.

Join the request of public groups in Premium Telegram

In the custom version of Nellgram, users can apply for membership in public groups, and group administrators can evaluate them before joining. Also, users can be added to the list by asking to join groups, which in the free version, only administrators could see.

with premium telegram; You will be updated faster

Another important custom feature of Telegram is that premium users can more easily and quickly update their program in the desktop or Android version. Getting better audio and video quality in Telegram Premium is one of the most important things in the subscription version of this program.
Premium Telegram has many custom features that make people want to pay for its monthly subscription to have them.

with premium telegram; You will be updated faster

Telegram Premium was introduced by the manager of this program after the number of active Telegram users reached more than 700 million people per month. This version of the program provides the same free features of Telegram along with many other new features and capabilities to its users. These capabilities, by paying a monthly fee, you can have the capabilities and features introduced in the premium version of Telegram.
The cost of purchasing a subscription for the paid version of Telegram is $5 per month, which you can pay through the payment gateways introduced by Telegram. Also, you can make your payments using the TON token and on the Fragment platform introduced by Telegram. In this context, you can use the "" website.
"" is an Iranian website active in the field of international payments, which provides services to its users to make payments for various programs. If you are also looking to buy the paid version of Telegram and want to use its many features, you can visit "" website and make your international payments using their services.


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