Online Pharmacies Offer a Huge Cost Advantage for Prescription Medicines

February 5, 2023

In America costs of healthcare continue to be a real issue for many people. Even people with jobs are struggling, then there are other groups like seniors, the unemployed and those unable to get insurance. Even with Medicaid, there are still challenges so some people have to choose not to take medications, or to skip paying another bill in order to manage it. While there are ways you can save money within the system, choosing generic drugs that are a lot cheaper, finding drugstores that offer lower prices and discounts and learning about local programs to help, the prices can still stack up, especially if you have a family to buy for, chronic conditions to manage, or a lot of medications. The answer for you and for anyone wanting to save money is online pharmacies like Canadian Pharmacy Online.

A practical solution

Purchasing medications usually involves heading to an actual pharmacy which means a car and paying for gas, or having to walk, find public transport or a combination of those things. It takes up precious time, takes physical effort and mental effort and then when you are there you are faced with things like a lack of privacy, having to queue and wait and be close to sick people, and of course, higher prices. When you buy online you have none of that, apart from some thought but even then it takes far less mental effort. There are different options to choose from you just need to make sure you choose a reputable and honest site like Canadian Pharmacy Online. 

How you save money

There are a few things you need to understand about the prices of drugs in the US compared to many other great countries like Canada. With the research, testing and work done on the development of the drug in the US, they then patent it and charge high drug prices to make back that money and then take a huge profit from it. Patents last for so long and then anyone can make a generic version of the drug and charge less. In Canada and other parts of the world, the government ensures that drug companies are limited on what prices they can charge. That control means the same drug in Canada can be just a little cheaper, but sometimes it could be over two-thirds cheaper. Across different medications, the savings add up.

Other factors that come into play are that the online has no overhead costs to pass on, they offer things like bulk orders and they offer deals and promotions. Add to the price reduction these all make what you get from an internet pharmacy more affordable. It is a big cost advantage on prescribed drugs.


The internet and sites such as offer convenience and lower prices for all your medication needs. Avoid large US drug prices by choosing a Canadian site that is safe, certified and reputable. You can check these things just by looking at independent review sites that examine such things.


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