Seven Wonders City Islamabad: Legitimate Investment Opportunity with NOC Approval

February 8, 2023

Seven Wonders City Islamabad is a modern residential project situated in the serene environment of Islamabad. The Society, which is named after the world's seven wonders, is a marvel in and of itself. The Society is well-planned, with all the necessary amenities and facilities that one can expect from a modern housing development. The developers have focused on creating a community that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making it an excellent investment opportunity for people who are looking for a peaceful retreat close to the city center.

Seven Wonder City Islamabad: Approved NOC

The housing sector in Pakistan has seen significant growth in recent years, with several new housing societies emerging throughout the country. One such notable housing society is Seven Wonder City Islamabad. The housing development has recently received its NOC from the Capital Development Authority, making it a legitimate investment opportunity for buyers and investors.

NOC Approval Efforts by Seven Wonder City Developers

The developers of Seven Wonder City Islamabad put in tremendous effort to obtain the Seven Wonder City Islamabad NOC from the relevant authorities. They followed all the rules and regulations set forth by the Attock Development Authority to ensure that the housing society met all the necessary requirements. The NOC approval process took some time, but the developers remained persistent and committed to obtaining it.

Importance of NOC Approval for Housing Societies

The NOC approval is crucial for any housing society as it serves as evidence that the Society meets all the legal and regulatory requirements set forth by the relevant authorities. It ensures that the land on which the housing society is built is legally acquired and that the housing society's design and development comply with all the necessary standards. Furthermore, the NOC approval is essential to protect buyers and investors from fraudulent schemes.

Seven Wonder City Islamabad NOC Approval Benefits

The NOC approval for Seven Wonder City Islamabad means that the housing society is now a legitimate investment opportunity for buyers and investors. The approval guarantees that the housing society has followed all the necessary procedures and standards, making it a safe investment choice. Seven Wonder City Isamabad NOC approval will also attract more buyers and investors to Society, increasing its demand and overall value.

Access Points to Seven Wonders City Islamabad

Seven Wonders City Islamabad is ideally located close to several major access points, making it convenient for residents to move in and out of Society. Whether you are traveling to the city center or need to access other major housing developments, the Society's location makes it easy to commute. Some of the access points to Society are:

Developed at Islamabad-Dera Ismail Khan M-14 Motorway

One of the most significant advantages of the Society's location is its proximity to the Islamabad-Dera Ismail Khan M-14 Motorway. This motorway provides easy access to several major cities, including Peshawar, Islamabad, and Dera Ismail Khan. The motorway is currently under development, and once completed, it will provide residents with a seamless connection to the rest of the country.

7 minutes from Talagang, Fateh Jang

Seven Wonders City Islamabad is located just seven minutes away from Talagang, Fateh Jung. This makes it easier for inhabitants to reach all the required services and facilities they need for their everyday life. Whether you need to go shopping or need to visit a hospital, Talagang is just a short drive away.

20 minutes from Girja Road, Fateh Jung

Girja Road, Fateh Jung, is located just 20 minutes away from Seven Wonders City Islamabad. This road connects several major housing developments in the area, making it easy for residents to travel between them. The road is well-maintained and provides a comfortable driving experience.

25 minutes from N-80

The Society is located just 25 minutes away from N-80, which is a major highway that connects Islamabad with several other cities. This roadway offers citizens a simple and quick method to go to the city center or other significant locations.

25 Minutes from Srinagar Highway

Srinagar Highway is located just 25 minutes away from Seven Wonders City Islamabad. This highway links numerous major cities and allows inhabitants to get to and from Society in a convenient manner.

30 minutes from Thalian Interchange

Thalian Interchange is located just 30 minutes away from 7 wonder city islamabad location. This junction connects many important roads, allowing citizens to commute easily to various regions of the country. The interchange is well-maintained and provides a comfortable driving experience.

33 minutes from Isb-Lhr M2 Motorway

The Society is located just 33 minutes away from the Isb-Lhr M2 Motorway, which connects Islamabad with Lahore. This motorway provides residents with a convenient and quick way to travel between the two major cities.

35 minutes from the International Airport of Islamabad

The International Airport of Islamabad is located approximately 35 minutes away from Seven Wonders City Islamabad. This makes it easy for residents to travel to and from the airport, whether it's for business or personal travel.


Seven Wonder City Islamabad is a remarkable housing society that offers modern, affordable housing to Pakistani citizens. Seven wonder city Islamabad NOC approval from the Attock Development Authority is a significant milestone for the housing society and its developers. The approval ensures that the Society is legitimate, safe, and attractive for buyers and investors. Thus, it is an ideal investment opportunity for anybody wishing to purchase a property or invest in Pakistan's developing real estate business.

Seven Wonders City Islamabad is a beautiful residential neighborhood that provides inhabitants with a serene escape from the city. The Society's location is one of its most significant advantages.






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