Standard to Sublime: How to Choose the Right Mirror to Add Functionality and Style to Your Bathroom

February 18, 2023

A mirror is a necessary component of every bathroom. We need it to check how we look, put on makeup, shave, and do other things. But its significance goes much beyond its practical value. A mirror serves as an essential aesthetic component in addition to contributing light and elegance, giving the appearance of additional space, and offering concealed storage.

But, choosing the ideal bathroom mirror can be difficult, particularly given the wide range of options available. Let's look at the considerations you should make to pick the perfect piece.

How Do I Choose a Bathroom Mirror?

Consider a LED Model

Just like everything else in life, bathroom mirrors have also received a high-tech upgrade. Bathrooms around the world are now equipped with LED mirrors, which provide a completely new way to decorate the space and perform your bathroom rituals.

When you buy an LED mirror, you make an investment that provides you with a superior bathroom experience. One of the main advantages of illuminated bathroom mirrors is that they offer more light than regular designs. This can be helpful when applying makeup, shaving, or for any other grooming activities.

Increased lighting can also make the bathroom look larger and brighter. The addition of a well-placed LED light-up mirror can also be used to create a focal point in the room.

Nowadays you can find these bathroom elements in a range of styles. Whether you’re looking for a practical, modern option or a more decorative, traditional look, you'll find an illuminated bathroom mirror for you.

You'll want your LED mirror to have the option to modify the light's brightness and intensity. If you want to create a particular mood or appearance, this can be helpful. To control this feature, most models have a soft-touch button up front. The button frequently performs functions like turning on or off the light and changing the color and intensity.

In addition, installing an LED mirror is very similar to installing a standard piece. Use a basic, quick-connect kit to simplify things. A power outlet is all else you'll need to connect the mirror.

What Size?

Large and tiny mirrors each have benefits and drawbacks. In addition to offering more space for reflection, a huge model may also give the impression that the bathroom is larger. However, a tiny piece allows you to include additional ornamental elements, such as light fixtures and sconces. No matter what size you choose, proportion and balance should always be taken into account.

People tend to choose models five to ten centimetres smaller than bathroom vanities. But this will depend on your preferences; you might want a design that matches your vanity. If you decide to go with this option, keep in mind that you might need to get your mirror customised.

A medicine cabinet piece can be the answer if you need somewhere to keep your skincare products. If space allows, getting an extra full-body-length model might also be a great idea.

What Shape?

The mirror shape can be quite helpful in setting the tone of the bathroom. In terms of usefulness and aesthetics, there are a lot of innovative things you can do with different shapes. Let's look at some fantastic choices that are available to you.

Round, Oval or Curved

Shapes that are round or have curves are aesthetically pleasing due to the simplicity and softness of their form, regardless of their frame (if they have one). Round mirrors don't occupy as much wall space as forms with sharp edges, making them ideal for bathrooms with small walls or if you want to show more of the wall tiles.

Square or Rectangular

A distinct advantage of square or rectangular pieces is their wider angle, which in turn reflects more light. They are more practical and improve bathroom space openings. Sharply framed bathroom mirrors come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, making them more adaptable to different interior design sensibilities.

Ornate and Custom Shaped

Some people enjoy employing unusual forms in their bathrooms to express their personalities. Some simply love using their imagination to select unique shapes for their bathrooms. Simply put, the bathroom mirror's design is a great way to give your bathroom more style while also making a statement. Conversely, ornate mirrors frequently have unique shapes and complex frame designs. They are typically used in old-fashioned bathroom settings with hardware and fixtures with an antique appearance.

Framed Vs. Frameless

You'll also need to choose between a frameless or framed style. Mirrors without frames are more modern and may help a tiny bathroom feel bigger. Since there is no metal or wood frame to collect dust and debris, they are also simpler to clean. Frameless pieces cost more money, though, and they might be more difficult to install.

Framed models are considered a more traditional option, and they are also more affordable. However, framed designs are making and comeback, particularly round and oval styles.

The fact that the frame supports the mirror also makes these easier to install. However, you must exercise caution while cleaning a framed option since water over time might harm the frame.

A variety of frames are available, including woodgrain and aluminium as well as black and white plastic. Therefore, be sure to pick one that complements the design of your bathroom. The ideal bathroom mirror ultimately comes down to your preferences and budget.

One or Two?

You might want to buy multiple smaller mirrors rather than one huge one if your bathroom has a broad vanity or multiple sinks. Depending on your taste, hanging two taller pieces might make your bathroom appear larger vertically while hanging one broader piece can make the room appear larger by reflecting the wall across from it.


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