The Ultimate Guide to Residential Proxies: From Web Scraping to SEO

February 4, 2023

All proxy servers serve the same purpose, which is to enable anonymous web browsing. Proxy servers for homes are one of them.

To protect your identity and improve network performance, it would be advisable to use a proxy when web scraping. And residential proxies are very recommended. Residential proxy servers are widely utilized by enterprises and developers for web scraping. This is due to their increased security and dependability

Businesses are also looking for strategies to enhance their SEO (search engine optimization). This helps to rank highly on Google for particular queries. Businesses can execute SEO chores quickly and affordably with the aid of residential proxies. It makes it possible for businesses to improve their internet visibility and rank better on Google.

This article covers what residential proxies are and how to use residential proxies for SEO and web scraping.

What is a Residential Proxy?

An intermediary known as a residential proxy utilizes an IP address that is given by an ISP rather than a data center. A residential proxy is a tool that can be used to mask an internet user's (or an object, such as a bot) IP address.

Residential proxies are quite affordable and cheap. A cheap residential proxy can help route traffic through an "intermediary server". This can be any device that can take web traffic and forward it to another device or website, for this to work.

How Do You Get a Residential IP?

A residential IP address is registered with an internet service provider and connected to a specific hardware item. This can be a desktop computer or mobile phone.

By visiting any IP lookup website and examining the data displayed beneath the "ISP" parameter, you may confirm its legitimacy. You ought to see the name of the provider who holds the specified IP address underneath this.

Several proxy providers can supply you with a home IP address. While the majority provide a lengthy number of IP addresses, some just provide endpoints.

This option is considered preferable for users because it relieves them of the burden of needing to import proxy lists. Additionally, the likelihood of receiving a broken proxy is reduced.

How to Use Residential Proxies for Web Scraping

The following ways are web residential proxies for web scraping:

Residential Proxy Can Be Used to Mask Scrapers’ IP Address

The biggest benefit of using residential proxies is IP masking. It allows you to maintain your anonymity despite all of your online activity. The residential proxy server hides the IP address while delivering the request. The websites you are scraping will not be able to see the IP address of your scraping device.

Residential Proxies Can Be Used to Bypass Limits

Websites typically employ software that imposes a cap on the number of requests a user may submit in a certain period. They will automatically block an IP address when they notice a high volume of requests originating from that address. Cheap residential proxies can be used to bypass this limit and reduce these volumes.

Residential Proxies Increase Load Times and Provide Security During Scraping

During web scraping, when you first request data over a proxy server, it is cached. The proxy server returns the cached data when the same data is requested again later, saving time and reducing load times.

You can block harmful visitors and queries from reaching your website by utilizing a cheap residential proxy. In addition to the advantages already mentioned, proxies can give you an extra degree of security.

How to Prevent Getting Blacklisted While Scraping With Residential Proxies

While web scraping, there are more chances of IP blacklisting. Some of the greatest techniques to avoid being blacklisted while scraping with residential are given below:

  • To scrape the web, use a residential IP rotation service that provides you with a variety of IPs. By doing so, you'll keep your IP address secure and stop sending as many queries from the same IP address.
  • Steer clear of blatant scraping techniques like visiting a page continuously because a typical user would never do so.
  • Include a referrer in your request, such as Google, YouTube, or Facebook, to let the website's proprietors know where you are coming from. The website will feel like you are a real person as a result, making it easier to identify your request.
  • Some clever webmasters include traps to identify crawlers and bots. By browsing the page as a real person and avoiding clicking on hidden links, your scraper tool and residential proxy can avoid getting caught in these pitfalls.

How to Use Residential Proxies for SEO

Residential proxies are employed to carry out and enhance SEO activities. Such activities include keyword research and rank tracking. Others include personalization and position analysis about the competition. They help to automate SEO tasks.

The major reasons for using residential proxies are:

Used for Ranking

Rankings in some specialized businesses change frequently. Frequently more than a dozen times per day. Residential proxy servers allow enterprises to detect those changes immediately.

By obtaining the most recent live data from the SERP, residential proxies allow you to double-check the search ranks for the phrases that are most crucial to your company.

For Accurate Data

Residential proxies can be used to obtain the most precise data, as is the case when using a residential proxy network, for instance. This provides you with actual user-side results from the selected city, nation, or area. Target websites like Google serve the correct information. This is because these proxies are using real IPs, and they are not blocked or subject to rate limits.

Helps Analyze SERP Behaviors

Different SERP properties apply to different searches in various nations. For instance, you can identify rival websites that have featured snippet results for various GEOs. Then you can discover what information Google uses for that particular "response box" so that you can use it on your website.

Residential Proxies can assist you in viewing the SERP with all of the featured snippets. And other particular elements for that particular geolocation as the end user would see it.

Used to Check User Intent for a New Keyword

You can quickly view the results for that term by turning on a residential proxy for the selected target country without having to open any tools. Do you recognize any of the top-ranking websites as being ones you compete with? Then you can conduct more extensive research because it's probably a relevant keyword.

Employing residential proxies allows you to submit an unlimited number of concurrent queries. it becomes much simpler to execute a quick research project about intent with the highest levels of accuracy. This is because performing SEO frequently requires multitasking.


Businesses that use data to inform their decisions have an advantage over rivals. The internet is a data vault. To achieve your business objectives, web scraping, and SEO is a crucial approach to extracting pertinent data from big websites.

Cheap residential proxies can be utilized every day to save you time when researching new keywords. And also verifying data you find on other SEO tools. SEO and web scraping must be carried out with an efficient proxy such as a residential proxy.

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