The Ultimate Guide To Women’s Boxer Shorts (2023)

February 10, 2023

When it comes to day-to-day clothing, underwear is important for several reasons. They keep you comfy, warm, and hygienic throughout the day, so skimping on a high-quality pair of underwear is not advisable.

Recently, women’s boxer shorts have been a popular choice for ladies. There are many reasons for this that we’ll delve into. They have advantages and disadvantages like all other kinds of underwear.

If this is your first time considering boxer shorts as a lady, then you’re in the right place. Let’s start simple;

What Defines Boxer Shorts From Other Underwear Styles?

This may seem like a trivial question once you consider the various kinds of boxer shorts available out there. Every style of boxer short will have subtle differences impacting how they fit and where they support – which are all important when choosing what to wear.

For instance, boxer shorts can be loose-fitting and tight fighting, depending on what you do on a given day. If you are about to crush your personal bests in the gym, a loose pair will likely ride up and be uncomfortable. However, a tight pair will hug your skin and support you.

The main types of boxer shorts you’re likely to come across are:

  • Traditional boxer shorts
  • Boxer briefs
  • Midway briefs
  • Trunks (loose boxer shorts)

Traditional boxer shorts are neither tight nor loose-fitting and usually have buttons on their front. However, many women’s styles won’t have buttons on the front and will instead be completely covered/sealed over with no gaps.

Boxer briefs are similar to boxer shorts but come with ‘Y’ shape stitching that will hug your lower hip joints for additional comfort. These types of shorts tend to be fitted well and designed to be a close fit on the body.

Midway briefs have a very similar ‘Y’ shape stitching like the boxer briefs but will have more fabric to cover your legs further down your thighs. These are very similar to shorts (slightly shorter) and usually worn in cold weather.

Trunks are boxer shorts with loose sides and leg holes, making them the loosest boxer shorts. These are ideal for warm summer days when you need to wear trousers.

What is universal in all boxer shorts is an elasticated waistband.

What Material Should Boxer Shorts Be Made From?

There will always be debate about what material is best for a pair of boxer shorts—everything from sustainability to comfort to cost needs to be considered. Fast fashion often creates low-quality cotton synthetics that last a year or so before becoming damaged from washing and wearing, and these aren’t great for the environment either.

Equally, different kinds of materials are ideal for different lifestyles. For instance, materials such as polyester are ideal for those who lead a more active lifestyle, but polyester is dire for the environment. Cotton is another popular choice for underwear, as it is breathable but can hold moisture for longer than other fabrics.

Cotton blends are often the go-to nowadays for underwear. Wicking technology is another common aspect to look out for if you are an active person, as this will prevent moisture build-up and help you stay more hygienic for longer (even when working out).

Even companies have created composite cotton blends that help reduce pollution. Bawbags, for example, have found a way to recycle plastic bottles to create cotton blends for their high-quality underwear range.

What About Sizing for Women’s Boxer Shorts?

Sizing can get tricky for underwear, as every brand will have a slight variation on what they consider the different size bands. Generally, underwear sizes will be standardised into either:

  • Size XXS to Size XXXL
  • Size 6 to Size 18.

There will, naturally, be slight differences (even by a millimetre or two) between different sizing brackets depending on how your brand of choice has categorised each size band.

The best way to choose a pair of underwear is to take measurements and compare them to an individual product’s sizing dimensions. If you are also planning on losing or gaining weight, you should buy with a little more or less clearance to adjust accordingly.

For example, if you are starting to improve your cardio, your thigh muscles will likely grow and (depending on the boxer shorts you choose) this can impact the size you’ll need. Equally, if you are dieting, you may expect to drop a few millimetres around the waist, which can be the difference between a snug fit and a looser-than-usual fit.

In Conclusion

Women’s boxer shorts are here to stay, and for those interested, it is important to select the right kind for your lifestyle.

What style of boxer shorts are you choosing?


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