Things to Do in Bardstown, Kentucky

February 28, 2023

things to do in bardstown ky

Bardstown, Kentucky is a beautiful historic town with lots to do and see. It is a great place for families and friends to visit.

One of the most iconic experiences in Bardstown, Kentucky is to grab a milkshake from the Hurst Drugstore Soda Fountain. It is a classic, can’t-miss experience that will transport you back in time.

1. Go on a Bourbon Excursion

Whether you're an ardent bourbon fan or just looking for a unique way to experience Bardstown, going on a Bourbon Excursion is a must do! Located in the heart of bourbon country, this two-and-a-half-hour train ride includes a delicious meal and a bourbon tasting.

During the tour, you'll pass by several of the distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and also see other attractions like the Old Talbott Tavern, the Independent Stave Company and the Bernheim Forest. It's a great way to learn about the history of Bardstown and what makes it so special.

2. Eat at the Hurst Drugstore Soda Fountain

The Hurst Drugstore Soda Fountain is the perfect spot to satisfy your craving for an old-fashioned soda pop shop. With black and white checkered tile and bright red stools, it's easy to feel like you've stepped back in time.

If you're a foodie, Bardstown has plenty of dining options to choose from. Whether you want to eat something quick or a full-blown dinner, you're sure to find it at one of these restaurants.

3. Go on a Walking Tour

Whether you’re in Bardstown for just one night or are staying longer, a walking tour is a great way to get your bearings and see the sights. Guests can expect to walk up to two miles and take in plenty of historic sights.

Start your journey on the Cobblestone Path, one of Kentucky’s oldest roads and an impressive display of history. Follow it to the Civil War Museum and Spalding Hall, where you’ll find more historical attractions.

4. Visit the Civil War Museum

Bardstown is home to the fourth largest American Civil War Museum. It features over 8000 square feet of exhibit space and is dedicated to the Western Theater of the conflict.

It has a huge collection of rare uniforms, weapons and memorabilia from both Union and Confederate soldiers. The Western Theater spanned Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri.

This museum also has a dedicated women’s Civil War Museum which showcases the roles women played in this period. They have a few displays that show how women acted in the battle as nurses, spies, and even as combat soldiers.

5. Visit Old Bardstown Village

Old Bardstown Village is an historic cluster of museums that offer visitors a glimpse into life in Kentucky before the Civil War. The Civil War Museum is particularly fascinating, and it’s worth a visit for anyone interested in learning more about the American conflict.

The museum showcases artifacts that communicate messages about slavery, politics, cavalry, navies, infantry and more. It also includes a log building village that depicts 1800s life on the frontier.

The Oscar Getz Whiskey Museum is another great place to learn more about whiskey, from its colonial origins up to modern times. It also features a distillery that makes whiskey on site, and you can take an hour-long tour to see how it’s made.

6. Go on the My Old Kentucky Dinner Train

The My Old Kentucky Dinner Train is a unique dining experience you won't want to miss. It's a 2 1/2 hour ride through the beautiful Kentucky countryside while you indulge in a gourmet, multi-course luncheon prepared fresh on the train.

Bardstown has a vibrant food scene featuring local southern dishes and bourbon inspired BBQ. There are also many restaurants in the town's picturesque downtown.

One of the most popular things to do in Bardstown is to go on the My Old Kentucky Dinner Train. It is a 2.5 hour round-trip excursion in the restored 1940's dining cars pulled by diesel electric engines.

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