Top 7 Benefits Of Car Park Ventilation System

February 6, 2023



Every car parking space requires a ventilation system for smoke control and clearance. Ventilation can play an important role in preventing smoke pollution. However, the system must be set in line with the car park. Car parks can be of various types, including enclosed above-the-ground car par, open car parks, and underground car parks. Therefore, you should first understand the structure of the car park to prepare a ventilation plan. Understanding the design of the car park and ventilation system will help you maintain the flow of air in the car parking area. Below are seven benefits of a car park ventilation system that will help you know its importance.


1. Helps to maintain the airflow irrespective of the car park design

The above-ground car parking will not require an extensive amount of car park ventilation system as it has open sides and is subjected to natural ventilation. However, the underground parking systems are completely closed, here the ventilation system proves beneficial. To ensure that you have the best ventilation system you can install extract fans, jet fans, etc., based on your needs and the design of your parking system.

Service roads and loading bays can require a high amount of ventilation, the reason behind this is their design, the types of vehicles present here, the height of the place, etc. Most vehicles present here are diesel-powered heavy vehicles. You can also set up a ventilation system in a tunnel-like parking area where airflow cannot be controlled easily. You can do this by incorporating various tunnel-specific requirements.

2. Ventilation system is not static and can be developed based on various criteria

There is no standard design for a car parking ventilation system. A car parking ventilation system may change from location to location. Local rules and regulations also play an important role in determining the type of car parking system. The weather of a particular location helps to know the structure and type of parking and ventilation system. To meet the local rules and regulations you should check the requirements beforehand.

3. The ventilation system understands the pollution rate

The area or the volume of the parking system is considered when opting for a ventilation system. The pollution generated by the cars in this particular parking area is also considered. The emergency smoke extraction rate during a fire hazard works according to a specific number of air changes per hour. However, this does not apply in every country as the car park designs and local regulations may differ.

4. Benefit of the thrust fan system

Car park ventilation fans, such as thrust fans, prove to be more beneficial than the traditional duct system. This is because it comprises jet thrust fans that direct the flow of air from inlet points to the extract points. It helps to maintain the ventilation significantly in the parking area. In addition to providing ventilation, these thrust fan systems are energy efficient. They also save a lot of space. In the case of a fire hazard, they ensure that the smoke damage is less.

5. Ventilation system provides you with an enhanced design

You can model the project with the help of computerisation. This will help you get enhanced designs and models. Through this process, you can improve the system's performance significantly. The installation and running costs will also be reduced through this approach. The most important advantage here is that you can control the smoke in an improved manner. You can also improve the parking space if the overall design is modified. Thus, the capacity of the car park will increase.

6. Improved system performance

When you have a well-installed ventilation system, you don't need to worry about the performance. The smoke is controlled effectively so that the jet fans can work and provide excellent efficiency. This also helps to extract the smoke faster.

7. Less installation time and cost

Since the jet fans work on the thrusting process, ductwork is not required. Therefore, the additional cost required for ducting is subtracted from the overall cost. Another advantage that the ventilation system has is that the installation process takes place faster and safely.

The above-mentioned car park ventilation benefits will help you know the importance of the ventilation system. However, when opting for a service provider, always be well aware of the services provided at what cost. Make sure their services are effective and in line with your needs and requirements.



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