Top 7 Ways to Use Disposable email Service for Secure Social Media Use

February 8, 2023

I know many scenarios come across where people do not want to share their email addresses due to online scams. You can easily prevent cyber-attacks, online promotional messages, phishing, and malware attacks by using disposable email. In this digital era, various online websites are available for providing temporary email services and some of them are mentioned below.

Best Ways to Get Disposable Email Service

Here are the lists of the best online disposable email service providers that offer both free and paid services to clients. Let’s check out them in detail for better use of social media.

One of the best service providers, in my opinion, is disposable email and it provides unlimited temporary emails to users. The best thing is that it retains your messages for up to 2 hours. The temporary mail generator keeps your inbox clean of unwanted messages by receiving messages within its inbox. In addition, you can also avail yourself of the advanced features of this tool by subscribing to its premium plans.

This tool allows users to click and download files from unknown sources for verification purposes by receiving messages. Using a disposableemail tool is quick and easy because of its user-friendly interface. Moreover, you can also use temporary email for providing it on Facebook, Snapchat, etc for better use and escape online scams.


EmailOnDeck provides its users with disposable email service. It generates temporary emails for you in two different steps. First of all, you have to provide the information that you are not a robot, and afterward, get the temporary email by clicking on the 2nd option. You can get one email at a time and get hundreds of emails by subscribing to its premium plans. In addition, you can also create disposable emails with custom domains for better use of social media apps.


It provides you with a service for 2 hours and you can get a new email after that. In addition, it also increases time for its users and makes its online website user-friendly for others. You can subscribe to the new website on social media through this disposable email and save your inbox from clogging with spam messages. Hide your identity and make yourself secure from online hacking issues by using the temp-mail website.

Guerrilla Mail

You can use Guerrilla Mail website features without any registration and can provide you with temp mail service swiftly. In addition, it helps in keeping your mailbox free of promotional and spam messages. The unique and best feature of this website is that it allows users to create temporary emails for better use. Use the Guerrilla Mail website and make your social media apps use easily without paying any cost.


Mohmal is another best tool for providing temporary email address service to users. The temporary email lasts for 45 minutes and you can get a new one after that time. The Mohmal website receives messages and keeps your original inbox out of spam. Adding more, it is no longer difficult to use SMM (Social Media Marketing) Apps anonymously without any scamming issues.

ThrowAway Mail

ThrowAway Mail is also one of the perfect picks for the users. It allows you to get unlimited email addresses free of cost. In addition, it can save temporary mail for 48 hours. After 48 hours, you can get a new one and use it to make your original inbox clean and organized. It allows people to use social platforms without sharing their real identities.


E4ward is also one of the best online temporary email service providers to users. You can easily create custom domain temporary emails for better use of its service. In addition, it saves your system and private emails from the target of hackers. Make your social media use scam free by using E4ward temporary email addresses.

Concluding Remarks!

These are the top ways to use social media platforms with temp mail. I have mentioned various tools and you can pick one of them of your choice. After using all the above-shared tools, I subsequently found disposableemail as the best tool for secure, fast and user-friendly use of social media networks. Consequently, you can make your primary inbox spam, advertisement, and irrelevant messages free. Use these tools and tell me about your choice by commenting.



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