Trying To Refresh Your Tile? Steps To Recolor Your Tile Grout

February 10, 2023

Tiles may take the spotlight for aesthetics, but your grout can add a more visual appeal to any tiled wall or floor than you may think. With the right grout color, you can create a more cohesive and intentional look that complements the pattern and color of your tile.

Whether you want to elevate the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom tiles or replace your existing grout to keep it fresh, this article shares two methods to recolor your tile grout and the steps to follow.

Method 1: Re-Painting Existing Grout

Whether you're looking for a quick refresh or your grout looks outdated and dingy, re-painting existing grout is easier and more cost-efficient than re-grouting with a new color. And to do this, you must paint your existing grout with a special colorant to change its color.

Take note, however, that this method works best when recoloring from light to darker colors. For instance, if you have white grout, it's easier to paint it black than turn black grout to white. The latter is still possible, although you'll need to apply multiple coats.

Generally, you can find grout colorants in local hardware stores or online shops like Epic Floor Finish which offers a wide range of grout colorants.

Here are simple steps to re-paint your grout:

  1. Prepare the tile: You must clean and scrub the tile surface and grout lines to get rid of and prevent mold and mildew growth. Also, make sure to fix any disintegrating grout or broken tiles.
  2. Tape the tile: Use painter's tape to cover the side of the tile and prevent stains. While this can be tedious, adding tape is critical for achieving a smoother look and cleaner lines. However, if you plan to clean up the paint as you go, you can skip this step.
  3. Start painting: The next step is to add grout colorant. You can follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to apply the colorant. However, most people apply grout colorant using a toothbrush which is often as wide as the grout, scrubbing the colorant into the grout.

You can work in small sections at a time and apply the paint with long strokes. Allow the paint to dry, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations. If needed, apply a second or third coat, especially if you want to turn dark grouts into lighter colors.

4. Clean and seal: Once the surface is dry, you can clean the surface using a clean toothbrush. Then, seal the                  grout to protect it against stains and dirt and maintain its color.

Method 2: Re-Grouting

Removing and replacing the grout with your color choice is more labor-intensive than the previous method. However, re-grouting with your preferred color may be a better option in some situations. For instance, re-grouting is a better option if you have older grouts that have become powdery, too loose, or prefer lighter colors.

For this method, you'll need tools like an oscillating tool with a circular grout removal blade. For narrower grout joints, a utility knife should be fine. Also, you'll need to purchase a new grout and the materials necessary for a new grout application.

If you already have these items, here are the steps to re-grouting:

  1. Prepare The Area: Removing existing grout can become quite messy. So, prepare the project site and protect furniture and other items around the tile and the room. In addition to preparing the site, you should also protect yourself and wear eye and breathing protection.
  2. Remove The Existing Grout: Using your preferred tool, start removing old grout. However, exercise care when doing so to prevent damage to the tiles. According to experts, the grout joint should be 1/8-inch deep to apply new grout effectively. While at it, check the tiles to ensure they're secured to the backing or substrate. Otherwise, you need to reattach or replace the tiles.
  3. Clean The Area: As you remove existing grout, sweep or vacuum any debris, dust, or loose grout particles to keep your work area clean.
  4. Apply New Grout: Once you remove all existing grout, you can start preparing the new grout. You can use pre-mixed grout or add a pigment to get the color effect you want. Make sure to blend it thoroughly for uniform coloration.

From there, apply the grout but fill the joints in between tiles. Remove excess grout and clean the surrounding tiles. Leave the grout to dry and then cure. Seal the grout lines, if necessary, before using the surface.


Changing the color of your grout can easily upgrade the aesthetic value of your tiles. Whether you're using a colorant to paint your existing grout or re-grouting with a new color, you'll need a lot of patience and elbow grease. However, it will be worth seeing how your newly colored grout can transform your home.


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