Which is Better, One-piece or Two-piece Toilet

February 21, 2023

Toilets are an integral part of any bathroom. Whether you are decorating your house or your old toilet leaks and needs to be replaced, you will be faced with several choices when choosing new toilet supplies.

There are lots of kinds of toilets on the market, which can be classified according to size, specifications, and price, or we can also divide them according to the style and structure of toilets. What we recommend today is the features and comparison of one-piece and two-piece toilets.

Ⅰ. About toilet hygiene

1. Sanitation of toilet

As a tool for our daily excretion, the toilet is a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, in our stereotype, the toilet is very dirty, sometimes used for a long time, even yellowing, and there are some stubborn stains. In this regard, we can look at the countermeasures of one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets.

The two-piece toilet will generally use the toilet material as antibacterial material to inhibit the production of bacteria. First of all, the better the antibacterial material, the higher the price. In addition, because the antibacterial material is not totally antibacterial, it will still breed some bacteria. At this time, you need to clean up, but you don’t know when bacteria will be produced.

If you don’t clean up in time, a large number of bacteria and odor will form and spread throughout the toilet, even in every corner of your home, seriously affecting your life.In this regard, the one-piece toilet is not only made of materials with antibacterial effect, but also has the function of automatic sterilization and deodorization.

According to air negative pressure technology, it is filtered three times through natural deodorization media such as water and activated carbon to rapidly purify various harmful gasses. Even some one-piece toilets have their own patented technologies, such as ultraviolet sterilization, plasma sterilization, etc., which fundamentally inhibit the generation of bacteria and odor.

2. Our own hygiene

First of all, we should know that our private parts are damp and warm, which is the environment preferred by bacteria. If they are not cleaned after excretion, it is particularly easy to cause hemorrhoids and skin diseases.

When using the two-piece toilet, we usually use paper towels to wipe, but in fact, paper towels can not completely wipe clean. Moreover, the residual virus and bacteria will follow us all day long, which is very unsanitary and easy to cause skin diseases.

The one-piece toilet has its own hip cleaning function. It feels like the soft part has been washed by water. Although I am not used to it at the beginning, I feel very comfortable after using it. It is not only clean but also more sanitary than wiping with paper towels. It has no bacterial residue, reducing the possibility of skin diseases.

Ⅱ. About the convenience of toilet

The comparison of the functions of the one-piece toilet and the two-toilet is shown in the following figure: In terms of function, the one-piece toilet is indeed better than the two-piece toilet.

Ⅲ. About toilet safety

Many consumers feel that two-piece toilets are safer than one-piece toilets, because one-piece toilets require electricity, and in the bathroom, electricity is generally considered to be dangerous.

In fact, it cannot be denied that the two-piece toilet is indeed safer than the one-piece toilet. After all, it is not powered by electricity, which is understandable, but you don’t have to worry about the electrical safety of the one-piece toilet.

All products that can be listed in China are in compliance with Chinese laws and regulations. You can also see the safety protection level of the one-piece toilet from three aspects.

1. Leakage protection

The one-piece toilet must have corresponding leakage protection devices and compliant grounding treatment. When the equipment has a leakage fault, the current will be cut off and the power will be cut off immediately. As long as it is a product produced by a regular manufacturer, this is a necessary function.

2. Waterproof grade

The following picture is the waterproof performance division diagram. The qualified one-piece toilet requires the material of IPX-4 waterproof level. You need to pay attention to it when purchasing.

3. Material flame retardant grade

When buying a toilet, you need to check the product manual and safety inspection manual to see if flame retardants are added. In addition, the flame retardant grades are divided into three grades: V-0, V-1, V-2, of which V-0 has a resistance the combustion effect is the best, even if an accident occurs, the product can’t be burned.

Ⅳ. About toilet energy efficiency

1. Comparison of power consumption

The two-piece toilet doesn't need electricity. The one-piece toilet does charge a little more for electricity, but basically the electricity consumption for one month is within the acceptable range.

2. Comparison of water use

Many consumers think that the one-piece toilet not only needs water to flush the toilet, but also needs water for its washing function, which is certainly not comparable to the two-piece toilet in terms of water saving. In fact, there is a mistake.

We should know that the first level water efficiency is less than 4L, the second level water efficiency is less than 5L, and the third level water efficiency is less than 6.5L.

The one-piece toilets in our market are all in line with the latest water efficiency standards in China, generally 1-3 level water efficiency. At present, most of them don’t exceed Level 2 water efficiency, and the single flushing amount is basically not more than 5L.

If the two-piece toilet is siphon type, it will use the same amount of water as the one-piece toilet, but if the direct flush type is used, the single flush volume will be about 8L, and some even reach 12L, so the two-piece toilet may not save water than the one-piece toilet.

Ⅴ. About toilet installation

One-piece toilet

1. The ground for installing the one-piece toilet must be hard and flat. Floor tiles or other decorative materials shall not be paved, and sand and stone debris shall be cleaned.

2. There are two options for fixed one-piece toilet:

(1) Fixing method of tension bolt: Put the toilet at the installation position, draw the outline of the toilet foot on the ground, and draw the position of the bolt hole through the installation hole on the toilet.After the hole is drilled, insert the explosive bolt, apply the adhesive at the joint between the toilet outlet and the ground drain outlet, place the toilet stably, firm the explosive bolt, and finally seal the toilet foot with cement mortar.

(2) Cement bonding method: Draw the toilet bottom caster corridor on the ground, lay a circle of 30mm wide and 15mm high cement mortar inward along the contour line, apply adhesive at the joint between the toilet outlet and the floor drain outlet, clean the toilet foot, place it stably at the installation position, make it firmly bonded, and wipe the spilled cement mortar.

3. Connect the water inlet pipe and ensure no leakage. After about an hour, flush water for several times continuously to ensure a smooth drainage pipe.

Two-piece toilet

1. The installation of the two-piece toilet is troublesome. The main body and the water tank are two components, so the main body needs to be installed first. The installation of the main body is more particular.

It requires a special leather ring for the toilet, which is placed on the water outlet of the toilet, and then the main body of the toilet is pressed up, but it must be pressed accurately, or water will leak.

2. Water tank installation. The water tank is installed on the toilet, and the flushing port and connecting screw hole are aligned. The gap between the water tank and the wall shall be uniform and not more than 20mm.

The rubber gasket between the water tank and the toilet shall be flat. After tightening the flushing column, the leakage between the water tank and the toilet shall be tested with water.

If leakage is found, the magnetic surface contacted by the rubber test piece shall be plastered with putty and dried before re-tightening. After the flushing bolt mouth is fastened, install the two connecting bolts on both sides of the flushing bolt mouth.

3. Water pipe installation. According to the toilet, the position isn’t as strict as the sewage pipe, and the water supply pipe and water tank are mostly connected by soft officials.

4. Installation of drain pipe. Generally, the floor drainage method is adopted for the two-piece toilet, and the distance between the toilet pits is generally 300 mm and 400 mm.

Ⅵ. Advantages & disadvantages of one-piece toilet and two-piece toilet

One-piece toilet


1. The one-piece toilet has a unique washing function to replace toilet paper, and it also has the functions of sterilization and disinfection.

2. The drying function of the one-piece toilet can promote the blood circulation in the body and play a role in health care. When you use the toilet in winter, you will feel extremely cold when you touch the skin connected with the toilet ring.

The humanization of the one-piece toilet is reflected in this detail. It can adjust the temperature of the toilet ring to the temperature close to the human body according to the different temperature of each person. At the same time, in the hot summer environment, the toilet seat can also let people experience a refreshing feeling.

3. The one-piece toilet is equipped with an automatic sprinkler head, which plays the role of automatic cleaning.

4. The most troublesome thing about the ordinary toilet is the odor, while the one-piece toilet can effectively remove the odor, sterilize and deodorize, and keep the air in the toilet fresh at any time.


1. At present, most of the one-piece toilets are circular, not square. The one-piece toilet has restrictions on the distance between the water tank and the front end of the toilet, the distance between the installation holes, etc. If the size isn’t appropriate, it can’t be installed.

2. Smart toilet supplies are still easy to accept for young people, but they have certain limitations for the elderly and children, and it takes a certain amount of time to get familiar with how to use them, which leads to the narrowing of the scope of the applicable population and isn’t universal.

Two-piece toilet


1. The water level of the split toilet is high and the flushing force is strong.

2. Many styles, popular prices.

3. Convenient transportation and simple maintenance.

4. The water tank and the main body are fired separately, so the yield is high.


1. Two-piece toilets are often flushed down, making loud flushing noises.

2. The two-piece toilet is limited by the pit distance. If it is much smaller than the pit distance, it is generally considered to build a wall behind the toilet.

3. It covers a large area and is not easy to clean.

4. The shape changes little, and water leakage is easy to occur.

Therefore, the one-piece toilet and the two-piece toilet have their own advantages and disadvantages that are difficult to replace. The common one-piece toilet is easy to install with low noise, but the price is generally high, while the two-piece toilet is relatively cheap, but it is more troublesome to install, and the water tank is also easy to break, but it isn’t easy to jam, which saves a lot of trouble for later use.

You can purchase a suitable toilet product for your family by referring to the analysis of these two aspects and your own demand budget.Through the introduction above, we believe that you have a certain understanding of the difference between the one-piece toilet and the two-piece toilet.

Two-piece toilets and one-piece toilets are the types of toilets that we often see and use, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, you must fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of one-piece toilet and two-piece toilet, so as to choose a toilet that is most suitable for you.I hope that the introduction above can help you understand the difference between the one-piece toilet and the two-piece toilet.


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