Will Rise Commercial District Serve Your Ideal Warehouse Location

February 15, 2023




Small businesses keep their overhead minimal, with owners maintaining inventory storage wherever they can find it open. They’ll use their home, garage, or even a close friend or relative’s basement.

That is, until the expansion causes them to outgrow all the free spots. It becomes necessary to look into a dedicated space like a warehouse from which storage is adequate, and orders can be fulfilled. Go to https://www.ioptimizerealty.com/blog/7-tips-when-looking-for-warehouse-space/.

Selecting the most suitable warehouse for your specific circumstances means searching for a favorable district like Rise Commercial District, a beginning hub for business leaders.

When leasing an adequate space, a client will enjoy efficient consumer servicing and order fulfillment while still focusing on primary company operations. How will you decide if a warehouse serves your purposes adequately? Consider these suggestions before making a final commitment.

Will Rise Commercial District Serve Your Ideal Warehouse Location

Online stores, in particular, initially keep their inventory in any open space, often taking up most of the landscape in their households. Gradually, as their businesses expand and “free” space grows sparse, it becomes necessary to look for a more dedicated storage location, such as a warehouse space.

A favored Michigan warehouse district is Rise commercial district in Pontiac, where small business owners, or other leaders, can rent warehouse space for virtually any commercial or industrial purpose.

In order to determine if this or other warehouses are suited for specific needs, there are factors to consider that will help narrow down the choices.

The location is a primary consideration

When looking at various warehouse locations, you’ll need to determine the transportation methods you’ll require for shipping and receiving, whether freight, air, or ocean. The site should have close highway connectivity if the goods will primarily be transported over the roadways.

The priority is to be where the consumer is. That means the vicinity between you and the local market and distributors is tight, reducing transportation expenses along with lead times. The location should have simple directions if clients or distributors need to find the warehouse for an in-person visit.

What is the price point for the warehouse lease

A significant consideration when looking for the ideal warehouse space is the price point for the lease. The standard calculation is based on “square feet per month or year.” Reading over the contract is critical to ensure no hidden costs have been written into the agreement, including the fine print.

If you need help understanding verbiage, you can ask for an explanation, bring a legal representative to read over the paperwork with you or take the contract to an attorney to review before committing to the lease in case there is any obscured language.

You’ll also want to do some research on utility costs and what utilities are available for the space in case you need specific services. That might include the need for refrigeration or other particular storage needs that might not be available in some warehouse conditions.

As a commonality, almost all warehouse spaces are set up to accept “static shelving, pallet racking, mobile shelving, multi-tier racking, wire partitions, and mezzanine flooring. Go here for details on what you should know about warehouse leases.


An adequate workforce with specific skill sets and a reasonable price point

Depending on the demographic surrounding the warehouse, you’ll need to ensure you can find a specialized workforce centered around your products and services and offering the skill set necessary for the positions you have available at a price point you can afford.

Before warehouse shopping, you’ll need to research where the staff you need is most populous and determine which warehouse districts are closest to these potential employees. One factor to recognize is staff won’t want a heavy commute to work.

The traffic patterns and entry to the building will be a consideration. You won’t want something remote that can take an hour to reach each morning, nor will you want a facility that sits in the hub of a city with bumper-to-bumper traffic in rush hour, but you will need something relatively accessible and close - a tall order.

Final Thought

Choosing where you will set up your order fulfillment and storage, essentially the hub of your business takes careful consideration and forethought. Small business owners, and all industries of every size, see a fierce amount of competition.

When a leader makes a researched and informed decision regarding a warehouse choice, the outcome can only be a seamless daily operation. When things go smoothly, the consumer is satisfied, and the distributor is thrilled, plus your performance impacts the competition allowing you to shine.

A standout warehouse district in Michigan is Rise Commercial District in Pontiac. Can they help you shine above the competition? There’s really only one way to find out.


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