Your Guide To Choosing a Water Softener

February 4, 2023

With the number of makes and models of softeners on the market, you need to know a few details before picking one. Some of these include the hardness of your water, the water you use, your budget, and how you want your softener to function. While that might seem simple enough, it can be tough to identify your needs and wants if you don't know where to start. So answer the following questions to get a good idea of what type of softener is the best match for your home. 

Do You Need a Softener?

It doesn't matter where you live or where you get your water from; you will always have minerals in it. It's just a matter of determining whether your levels are dangerous. Each water softener is designed to work with a specific hardness range, so you need to know your grains per gallon level. Additionally, each system is designed to remove different minerals, with most removing things like magnesium but only some removing iron. Knowing this enables you to get the right softener to treat your water.

You can often get the information you need to undertake this task by looking at a water hardness map. That will give you the grains per gallon level of your water source. If it's below one, you probably don't need a system. However, if it's over seven, you'll need a salt-based system because you have hard water. Anything in the middle allows you to choose whether you have a softener or a conditioner. 

How Much Water Do You Use?

Each softener you look at will have a grain capacity in the thousands, which tells you its ability. You can often find this information alongside or within the model number. You must identify this number before purchasing a system because it will tell you if the system has enough capacity to handle the amount of water your household uses. Buying too large of a system is a waste of money, while purchasing one too small will sometimes leave you with hard water. 

More people means more water usage, which means you need a larger capacity, while fewer people mean less water usage and a minimal system. For example, if you have three or fewer people in your home, you'll be okay with a 20,000-grain capacity system, while four or more people means you need to invest in one with at least a 30,000-grain capacity. The same idea can work with the number of bathrooms. Two or fewer means a minimal system, while three or more indicates a larger one. 

What Type of Softener Do You Need?

When considering what type of softener you need, it's best to think about your options' cost, efficiency, removal of chlorine, filtration system, iron removal capabilities, an indication of when salt is needed, AI learning patterns for regeneration, sediment filtration, demand-initiated regeneration, and salt use. Then, you can compare the cheap softeners, average ones, expensive options, and whole-house softening and filtration systems.

For example, if you have a minimal budget, you should stick with a cheap softener. If you have some flexibility on your budget yet don't care about things like efficiency and sediment filtration, you could look at an average-priced softener. If you prioritize efficiency and features over price, it's best to go with one of the more expensive options. Adding on a filtration system will also purify the soft water. Once you've identified your desires and constraints, you can pick the best home option. 

As you can see, various softeners are on the market, and you need to browse through all your options to find the best one for your home. To start narrowing down your search, answer these questions. That will help you understand your needs and browse the vast selection with knowledge. Starting your search online can help you figure out what is available. Then, you can get your shopping done once you know exactly what you want. 

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