10 Gorgeous Hairstyles That You Can Wear with A Saree

March 16, 2023

Hairstyles are a part of how you look. It might make you look shabby or might make you look like a queen. It is a part of who you are and it may indicate a lot of things about you. If you are always in messed up hair then it shows that you are very busy and it doesn't matter to you how you look.

On the contrary, if you always carry yourself nicely with your hairs beautifully done then it might tell that you are a perfectionist and you like to always look proper. Dressing up with a saree is one of the important tasks for a girl or a woman as a lot of things are to be taken into consideration. But let's not get into that and we are here to make your task easier.

So, here we bring you some gorgeous and easy hairstyles with saree that will make you look like the most beautiful women in the world.

Let us jump to it right away.

Low Bun

The low bun is the most go-to hairstyle with a saree, when in doubt. It looks gorgeous and is very simple especially when you pair it with an open back or a backless blouse. It is the epitome of decency and gives you a poised look. Accessorizing with proper jewelry would give a great outcome and a perfect look.

Puffed Ponytail

A puffed ponytail is also an easy but beautiful hairstyle to go with. It takes no time and can be easily styled up. Also, if it is given the puffiness then it would also make your hair look voluminous and would look great if paired with a fancy saree and some oxidized jewellery along it.

French Bun

French bun is the kind of style that would make you look a little matured but also along with that it would also make you look gorgeous. The detailing of the hair done is flamboyant and would catch immediate attention. So, to make yourself look something like a retro queen and something that would complement your old saree turned into something new then this hairstyle for saree is the one to go with.

Bun with Gajra

A bun with the Gajra is the most authentic yet gorgeous hairstyle with saree that one could go for. If you are looking for something simple yet beautiful then you should go for this design as it would look stunning and it too comes with a bonus, that your hair will always smell good. This adds a kind of finishing touch to your saree and as a custom, South Indians do wear Gajra in their hair and it also has a scientific value attached to it.

Messy Bun

Messy buns are the most prominent ones for parties, especially evening parties or dinner parties because this kind of hairstyle makes you look fancy, and also when you pair it up with a fancy net or laced saree it will give you a deadly look. Messy buns are made messier to give that more polished kind of look for it,

Straight Hair with Flap

This kind of hairstyle is for the ones who hate overdoing stuff and are the ones who are least interested in getting ready or even want to socialize. This is a super easy style where just portioning the hair and adding accessories or flowers to the hair would give a beautiful look and you would be good to go. So, this hairstyle for saree is for the ones who are minimalist this one's especially for you.

Open Hair with Half Bun

Open hair with bun is the design that is upcoming in the trend, it makes your hair voluminous and along with that, it would also give a fancy look as it is something that would make you look all chirpy and bubbly. It is especially for the young women who like to wear it in a fusion. And as sown in the picture if you wrap it around it a gajra or something that makes it look embraced then yes, you are good to go.

Head Top Bun

Ahead top bun is a hairstyle that would make you look like a strict professional and apart from that it gives you the vibes of a neat and clean look. This hairstyle is carried out by many lawyers, professionals, artists, and many other people. It gives more of a composed, chic kind of a look

Fish Tail Braid

A fishtail braid gives you a simple, modest look to go for with your sarees. It also makes it a more casual and classic kind of a look to go with which would look superbly gorgeous. It gives you a sophisticated kind of look to go with and to pair it up with some beautiful long earrings and something to go in necklaces would be a perfect idea as the hairstyle gives you the minimal look. It is a common yet most worn hairstyle in saree.

Soft Curls

Soft curls are an old yet never-the-fashion hairstyle. It is the kind of hairstyle that you can pair up with any kind of saree, any accessorize, and with anything. It gives a modern, elegant, and radiant kind of look. Pairing it with great earrings is one way to go or you could wear keep it simple and low. This is a great hairstyle for saree for women.

So, we have tried to keep the list exhaustive, yet there is a huge number of hairstyles you could go for with any time and every time for a party, for a wedding, for any occasion, we have tried to cover it all. We have tried to give you the most gorgeous designs for your hairstyles to pair up with any kind of saree. So, if you haven't just taken a look at it, go and take a look.


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