4 Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Spa

March 1, 2023

One of the best additions to any backyard is an outdoor swim spa. You'll have a better-looking and more enjoyable household by having one. The swim spa becomes both a focal point aesthetically and entertainment-wise. Moreover, it gives you all the benefits of owning a swimming pool and all the work and expense of building and maintaining one.

However, this isn't to say that the swim spa can be left alone. Owning one is still a considerable investment, giving homeowners the extra challenge of proper care and maintenance to keep it clean, functional, and valuable for the entire household.

With more advanced outdoor swim spas, they've gone a long way in terms of how easy they are now to maintain with little effort. This checklist of tips should guide you on caring for and maintaining your swim spa.

1. Clean The Filter Monthly

The most important part of your swim spa is, without a doubt, the filter. Regardless of how often the spa is used, cleaning the filter at least once a month is a must. If it looks okay since the last clean, you can extend this time to once every two or three months, but never beyond that.

A dirty filter affects both the pump's effectiveness and water quality. Be proactive about regular replacements with no less than the best range of spa filter cartridge and filters to ensure they are still working well to keep the swim spa clean.

2. Check The Water Quality

What's a swim spa without the water in it? Ensuring the water is of its best quality is one of the most crucial steps to maintaining a healthy swim spa. Otherwise, if left dirty for an extended period, all the dirt, chemicals, and other microorganisms that may be starting to grow in the muddy water will damage the swim spa's components as well.

During the maintenance orientation, the swim spa dealer or manufacturer generally provides guidelines for checking water quality. Some of those pointers include:

  • Depending on how often the swim spa is used, super chlorination may be required at least once weekly or every two weeks;
  • Test the water once a week with the test strip provided to check pH levels, among other factors;
  • Change the water once every three to six months or more frequently if necessary.

Do note that there isn't a fixed time frame for water care. A good rule of thumb is that if the water looks and feels dirty to the naked eye, it's time for a replacement and chemical treatment.

3. Choose Your Desired Chemical Treatment Option

Like in the case of swimming pools, chlorine tops the favored choice of water-treating chemicals. It works well enough, with the only caveat being a possible shortage. Many households now have swimming pools and spas, and chlorine may sometimes be limited in certain areas. In cases of a shortage, it pays to know what other alternatives you can use for your swim spa.

Two other chemical treatment options are:

  • Saltwater Systems: These are getting popular because of the lower costs, environment-friendliness, improved water feel, lack of odor and skin irritation, and convenience. However, if you wish to use a saltwater system, check if your swim spa is compatible with one.
  • Bromine: This is effective when dealing with killing bacteria and algae. Bromine also has a higher stability than chlorine while being better able to work in high temperatures. If you find chlorine irritating to the skin and eyes, bromine is another alternative that's not as strong.

While you may have your preferences for your chosen chemical treatment, it's still wise to consult with your dealer. They can give valuable insights you may not have thought about, increasing the likelihood of making the best decision.

4. Skim The Spa Daily

Skimming the spa refers to using a net to remove any debris that has fallen from trees that may have settled in your swim spa. It's a crucial step every day, especially if you have several trees surrounding your yard. It takes only five minutes, but it makes a difference in maintaining the spa's condition.

Putting this off until later, or when you next use your swim spa, is damaging for two reasons. As to the aesthetic of your swim spa, it no longer becomes a beautiful and relaxing water feature when there's so much dirt and debris floating around. As to functionality, debris like leaves can affect the swim spa's chemical makeup, mainly when left to sit in the water for an extended period.

The Bottomline

Swim spas are the perfect option between a tub and a swimming pool, making your home more enjoyable and relaxing. Once you've invested in one, your goal should be to make the spa last longer than its intended lifespan so you get the most use out of it. The core solution to this is practicing good care and maintenance habits. As the guidelines above show, spas require less care than a full-sized swimming pool, but they still have some level of attention nonetheless.


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