5 Advantages of Box Culverts and Their Uses

March 24, 2023

Droughts have accentuated the importance of proper culverts in construction. Culverts come in different shapes and sizes; ultimately, these are designed to manage water and reduce the risk of flooding. The two common culverts are circular pipe culverts and box culverts. In this article, you’ll learn about the five advantages of box culverts and their uses.

1. Cost-Effective and Eco-friendly

Installing box culverts is a cost-effective solution since you would spend minimal hours on the job and need fewer workers. Due to the rigidity and monolithic action of box culverts, you don’t need to create separate foundations, which saves you time and money. You can tailor box culverts to bigger sizes to control the heightened flow rates and capacities.

Choosing box culverts for tunnels below roadways is quick and easy, which can save you money, and can be made out of sustainable materials. There are box culverts that are created using recycled materials and water. Sustainable box culverts can cause a lesser negative impact on the environment.

2. Easy Construction

The box culvert is made of a solid frame structure. The four-sided rectangular structure has one side pressed to the ground, and the top acts as a passageway or roadway. You can build a box culvert either with a single box or multiple boxes lying side to side. The box culverts are made in advance, making the installation easy. Installing the culvert only needs a few workers and a crane.

3. Good for Non-Perennial Streams

Non-perennial refers to rivers and streams that, at some point, stop flowing. Generally, box culverts are placed in non-perennial streams where there’s weak soil, and scrub depth is insignificant. The concrete floor of box culverts can redirect flow for the possible large amount of water.

4. Reduces Pressure On The Soil

The four robust sides of a box culvert are often made of concrete, which makes it suitable for special cases like weak foundations. The bottom slab reduces pressure on the ground below and makes needing a separate foundation unnecessary. But dry land is still needed to install the box culvert to avoid poor construction and possible breakage.

5. Box Culverts Has A Lot of Applications

Box culverts are primarily used to get rid of rainwater and drainage, but it also has other applications. Some culverts make tunnels and bridges that people, vehicles, and animals can use. You can make culverts by pouring concrete on-site or buying precast reinforced concrete box culverts. Regardless of how you acquire box culverts, you can use them in various ways.

Waterway Passages

Box culverts are commonly used in removing blockage underwater, creating passages. To allow various uses for the trench, from diverting water to acting as service ducts for cables and pipes, you can incorporate channels in the box culvert design. Using box culverts to create waterway passages can also rebuild fish habitats.

Building Roads and Highways

Box culverts are popular elements in roads and highways. Water below roads and highways get to flow freely without blocking traffic because of box culverts. The box culverts need to be built strong enough to withstand extreme weather and loads of traffic; that’s why it is advisable to use culverts made of concrete.

Road Crossings and Subways

Instead of using small bridges or creating crossings above creeks and waterways, box culverts are constructed. Box culverts are easy and fast to construct, making minimal traffic disruptions and road closures. With larger units of box culverts, you can build underpasses for cars, subways, and other light commercial vehicles.

Utility Work

Box culverts are also commonly used in utility work. The strength of box culverts serves as reliable ducts for cables, oil, air, hot water, or steam. Utility tunnels carry electricity, cable, telephone, sewer, and water lines. During cold weather, burying lines below frost level is easier using utility tunnels.

The Potentials of Box Culverts

Box culverts are inexpensive yet efficient. You'll be able to redirect water, preventing erosion like landslides and flooding with box culverts. Well-designed and well-built box culverts control the water flow better, keeping you and everyone else safe and dry.

As an integral part of engineering, culverts have contributed to reducing the danger caused by raging water. Familiarize yourself with the know-how and principles of box culverts so you can take advantage of their full potential for a long time. When you've constructed a sturdy and reliable drainage system, you'll worry less about water safety.

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