5 of the Most Dangerous Cities in North Dakota

March 9, 2023

most dangerous cities in North Dakota

When people think of North Dakota, they often think of a state filled with open spaces and grasslands. It’s a place where you won’t find big city hassles or crowds of people.

However, it’s not without its problems. In fact, some cities in the state are among the most dangerous to live in.


Located in Cass County, Casselton is home to 2,479 people. It is the 20th largest city in North Dakota.

The town was established in 1876 when the Northern Pacific Railroad opened a station. The railroad also constructed a reservoir for the town.

It is a major center of agriculture and was the home to five North Dakota governors.

According to the United States Census, the population of Casselton was 2,479 in 2020.

Compared to other cities of similar size, the crime rate is relatively low in Casselton.

Despite the lower crime rates, it is important to remember that not all neighborhoods are safe. Crime is fueled by many factors including poverty, lack of education and opportunity, drugs, and gangs.

Devils Lake

Located in North Dakota, Devils Lake is known for its large body of water and the outdoor activities it offers. It is a popular destination for fishing, birding and hunting.

When deciding on whether or not to visit Devils Lake, it is important to consider the crime rate. High crime rates can have a negative impact on the social and economic life of a city.

Fortunately, Devils Lake has a lower crime rate than most other cities in North Dakota and all of the United States. In fact, it ranks as safer than 4% of all other cities in the state and 19% of all cities nationwide.


Mandan is a city in North Dakota that sits across the Missouri River from Bismarck. It is the county seat of Morton County.

It is a railroad town that also has several industries. BNSF Railway operates a large facility in Mandan, and it serves as the headquarters for several rail divisions.

There are a number of attractions in and around the city that make it worth a visit, including Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park. This is a top attraction in North Dakota, and it has many things to offer for visitors of all ages.

Fort Mandan is a reconstructed replica of the fort in which the Lewis and Clark Expedition overwintered in 1804-1805. This is where they met Sakakawea, a Lemhi Shoshone woman who helped the expedition complete their journey across the continent.


The capital city of North Dakota, Bismarck is a sprawling and culturally diverse urban centre with a population of 85,018. It operates under the city commission style of municipal government.

The city is also the site of the state capitol (occupied 1935), the governor’s mansion, and the North Dakota Heritage Center. It is home to two colleges, and to the Dakota Zoo.

Precipitation in Bismarck varies significantly throughout the year. During the rainy period, which lasts for 7.2 months, from March 26 to November 2, the most days of rain are observed in June with an average of 9.8 days.

Snowfall is relatively common during the winter, with an average of 1.3 days per month. It is also fairly widespread during the spring, with an average of 2.4 days per month.

Grand Forks

Grand Forks is the third-largest city in North Dakota (after Fargo and Bismarck) and the county seat of Grand Forks County. It is a major industrial center and the home of UND.

The city also provides a variety of services to businesses and citizens, including free legal aid for low-income residents. It also helps companies expand by providing grants and loans.

Like most cities, Grand Forks faces significant issues with crime. However, it is not as bad as other cities in North Dakota, and it has a lower overall crime rate than many of its comparable cities.

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