6 Best Laptops for Running Design Software

March 24, 2023


If you work with images and videos on any level, you know not all laptops are equipped to handle design software. Manipulating images and videos is a highly resource-intensive process that pushes regular laptops to their limits. Programs like Adobe Photoshop, Filmora, and iMovie use massive computing power and memory to process high-resolution media files accurately. Laptops that lack computing power are susceptible to overheating and diminished performance.

Good laptops for running design software use modern internal components to help you manipulate images and videos. Your Central Processing Unit (CPU) is a vital part of your laptop that impacts your ability to interact with multiple programs simultaneously. Likewise, Graphic Processing Units (GPU) are equally important. The GPU allows you to edit and render high-resolution media. An excellent laptop combines both CPU and GPU for a powerful device.

Here are the six best laptops that can operate design software smoothly:

1. ASUS ProArt Studiobook Pro 16 OLED


The ASUS ProArt Studiobook Pro 16 OLED is ideal if you need to work with design software professionally. It comes with the first 16-inch OLED HDR display featuring 4K resolution. In addition, this laptop is designed to cover 100% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut. It also features a lightning-fast response time, enhancing subtle details and allowing low latency gameplay.

The impressive display on the ProArt Studiobook Pro 16 OLED is enhanced by the NVIDIA RTX A3000 12 GB GPU. The processor can increase GPU power to 140-watts, streamlining performance when working with animations 3D graphics or playing video games on high settings. The ASUS ProArt Studiobook Pro 16 OLED also uses up to the Core i9-12900H with 14-cores. These powerful specs improve your ability to run multiple programs and render complex visual content.

2. ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 Duo OLED


The ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 Duo OLED is a powerful tool for work. It features up to the 12th generation Intel i9-12900H CPU with 14-cores and up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 3050 Ti GPU. These excellent specs provide a professional level of computing power, especially ideal for designers. With these components and support for up to 32GB of RAM, you can smoothly edit images, videos, or 3D content.

The Zenbook Pro 14 Duo OLED enhances visual content with a vibrant 14.5" OLED touchscreen with 2880 X 1800 resolution. This laptop also has a full-width 12.7-inch secondary screen, an innovative feature that maximizes productivity. You can conveniently manage different applications while leaving your design work uninterrupted on the main display.

2. Acer Aspire 5


The Acer Aspire 5 is one of the best laptops for running design software for artists on a budget. The device s powered by the Intel i5 CPU with 4-cores and 8-threads, the Intel Iris Xe GPU, and 8GB RAM. This laptop is ideal for designers who like to work on the go. It only weighs 3.75 pounds and provides 6 hours of power. The Acer Aspire 5 is equipped with a 14-inch display with 1080p resolution that covers 64% of the sRGB colour range.

4. Apple MacBook Pro


MacBooks are high-quality laptops ideal for people that primarily use their computers for editing. The new MacBook Pro combines a 10-core CPU and a 16-core GPU into a single chip to provide impressive speeds when working with visual content. This laptop also supports up to 32GB of RAM, which is handy when rendering visually complex designs.

The MacBook Pro is ideal for designers thanks to the large 16-inch display with Liquid Retina XDR technology that enhances details and produces vibrant colours. The display on the MacBook Pro also comes with Apple's ProMotion technology. It increases responsiveness, maximizes the 120Hz refresh rate, and reduces power consumption. ProMotion technology allows designers to choose a fixed refresh rate that aligns with their recorded footage, creating a better experience.

5. HP Envy 15


The HP Envy 15 is a great budget option for artists that need a new laptop. This unit is powered by the 10th generation Intel i7 CPU and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti, allowing you to run most editing programs. The HP Envy 15 uses 16GB of RAM to enhance multitasking. In addition, it comes equipped with a wide array of USB and HDMI ports. Artists will appreciate the 15.6-inch full HD touchscreen display enhanced by IPS technology.

6. ASUS ROG Flow X13


The ASUS ROG Flow X13 is one of the unique laptops on the market. It is ideal for artists who need to design and render high-quality graphics. The ROG Flow X13 offers technically powerful specs. It includes up to the AMD Ryzen 9 CPU and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU, which process images and videos at a professional level.

The ROG Flow X13 is equipped with a 360-degree hinge. This intuitive feature allows you to use your laptop in stand or tent mode, which is ideal for working in group settings. The laptop uses a vibrant Pantone-Validated touchscreen with a fast refresh rate. It provides fast-charging technology that boosts the battery up to 50% in 30 minutes.


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