6 Steps To Revive A Dead Lawn And Increase Curb Appeal

March 1, 2023

The front yard is one of the first things people notice about a house. That's why the last thing you want when you pull up in front of your home is for your lawn to be the eyesore of the street. Dead or brown grass can make the yard look dull and uninviting. It usually happens when a lawn has been neglected for too long without proper care despite exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Fortunately, reviving a dead lawn isn't as daunting as it might sound. With a bit of patience, the right grass seeds, and some elbow grease, you can make it lush and green again and boost your property's curb appeal. Soon you'll have an equally attractive, if not more attractive, yard in your neighborhood.

Below are some easy steps to revive your lawn and increase your home's curb appeal.

1. Examine Your Lawn To Identify The Problem

First, identify the problem. One can only find the right solution if one understands the issue and what's causing it. Also, sometimes a lawn is just dormant, not dead. To know if the grass still has life, check the crown. It's only in a period of dormancy if the crown still appears green, and water may bring it back to its healthy state.

Now, if you think the lawn is dead or see dead patches, determine what caused it. It could be pests or the environment itself. It can also be due to improper watering or compacted soil, meaning you must aerate your lawn. If you've been asking, "how do I know my lawn needs aeration?" Well, it might be necessary if your yard is experiencing thatch buildup of over ½ inch or if you can see dense grass and water puddles.

Once the problem and its cause have been identified, resolve the underlying issues before beginning the lawn revival process. Depending on the result of the diagnosis, you might need to adjust your sprinklers, get rid of the bugs, or aerate the soil before installing your new lawn.

2. Select the Perfect Grass Seed

When reviving your lawn, the type of seed you plant is key. That's why selecting the perfect grass seed is the actual first step of the lawn revival process. Ensure that you pick something that's well-adapted to your climate and the type of soil in your yard. Grasses can be categorized into two groups: cool season and warm season. Cool-season grasses grow best in climates in areas with cooler weather, while warm-season grasses thrive in places with warmer weather. The local landscaping company that offers lawn aeration service in your area can help you select the perfect seed for your climate and soil type.

3. Add Compost for Better Soil Quality

Another step towards reviving your lawn is adding compost. It increases your lawn's fighting chance because it helps improve the soil's quality by adding vital nutrients from organic matter. The lawn will absorb water and nutrients from the ground better as a result. Compost also helps to improve soil drainage, which can be crucial if your lawn is experiencing drainage problems.

4. Dethatch the Lawn to Remove Dead Blades

Dethatching your lawn is also a crucial step in the lawn revival process. It helps remove the excessive organic matter that accumulates in the base of the grass blades. Dethatching will help bring life back to your lawn as it allows more sunlight, air, and water to reach the roots of the grass.

To make the job easier, purchase a dethatching machine or rent one from your local tool rental store. Once you're done, leave small clippings throughout the yard as a natural fertilizer for your grass.

5. Overseed To Promote Thicker Growth

The fourth step is overseeding. This process involves seeding with a grass type well-suited for the local area and planting over existing turf. Overseeding promotes thicker growth by filling in sparse, patchy lawns to improve the overall health of the lawn.

6. Fertilize And Water for Maximum Health

Don’t forget to fertilize and water the lawn after following all the steps above. Choose a fertilizer appropriate for your lawn based on soil test results. Spread the fertilizer evenly at the recommended rate, avoiding over-fertilizing, which can harm your soil.

Watering is also important, so aim to water the grass deeply but not too often. The key is to develop a consistent watering schedule that keeps your root system healthy and hydrated enough to thrive in its environment.

With regular fertilization and watering, your lawn will soon reach its full potential - transforming into a lush green carpet that enhances the aesthetics of your home's exterior.


A dead lawn can drag down your curb appeal, but luckily, it's something that can be solved. Ensure to identify the root cause of the problem so you can address the issue before installing a new lawn. After that, follow the simple yet proven effective step-by-step guide discussed above, and you'll be on your way to an amazing green and lush lawn in no time.


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