6 Tasks Students Would Rather Pass to a Seasoned Essay Writer

March 3, 2023

For many students, writing essays seems to be the most difficult part of their curriculum. It is a very creative task. Yet, it has a lot of formatting and structuring demands. Besides, it requires decent background knowledge, personal experience, and sometimes even the courage to express your point of view.

Is it necessary to mention that each student is likely to struggle with essay writing at least once during their college years? If you are creative, you might have problems with formatting. An organized student will have no issues with this part but can experience discomfort while expressing their attitude.

Two main reasons can make this assignment even more challenging: a difficult topic and a certain type of essay. In some cases, seeking site with essay writer for hire crosses the mind of even the best students. The ability to realize that a seasoned writer will cope with this topic better is a strong point. It can often help students save time and avoid the stress of trying to accomplish a challenging task themselves.


Difficult Topics

Some essay topics may seem straightforward and easy to write. But others require more effort and critical thinking to produce a coherent and well-structured essay. If you feel that you do not have enough time then you can always buy cheap assignment online, which will save not only time but also money. Their controversial nature or obstacles in gathering information are often the reasons. Often, they are considered taboo topics during small talk. Here are three vivid examples:

Mental Health

From depression and anxiety to addiction, this subject matter is very sensitive. Students can sometimes underestimate the complexity of the issue, and their essays will reflect it. It may turn out to be insensitive to those who suffer from such problems.

An experienced writer will know how to avoid it. They will research real-world examples of mental health issues and the impact they have on individuals and society. It will help develop a strong understanding of the issues at hand and produce a great assignment on the topic.


Alongside religion, this topic is perhaps the most controversial and polarizing. Government policy, international relations, and social justice issues can present difficulties for college students, so they often choose to delegate the task.

A seasoned writer has a deep understanding of the political landscape and context of the issues at hand. They are sure to present a balanced view of the topic and avoid oversimplifying complex issues.


Young people find it difficult to navigate complex moral issues and present arguments based on philosophical theories. On the contrary, experienced authors are familiar with philosophical theories and ethical principles. They know how to research real-world ethical dilemmas and apply their understanding to various scenarios.

Challenging Types of Essays

Not only can the topic potentially become a problem for scholars. Sometimes this is the type of paperwork they need to submit. If your task is to write one of these essays, consider addressing professionals.



The author should take a position on a topic and present evidence to support their argument. They should also anticipate counterarguments and provide a rebuttal to each one. It requires a great deal of critical thinking - the skill a professional author has.

They will identify the key points, research the topic thoroughly, and gather evidence to support their position. They will also address potential counterarguments that your professor might have while reading your assignment.


Students often come across them in college applications where they need to show their personality and character. Discussing other people is always easier than talking about yourself, isn’t it? No wonder it will be a piece of cake for a seasoned writer.

Of course, you would need to share your personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings anyway. But you do not need to stress over presenting this information in the right way. A professional author will develop a clear thesis statement and illustrate it with specific examples.


Here you need to identify similarities and differences and provide a thoughtful analysis of each. It may be very hard for a student but not for research paper writing services authors. They will carefully analyze the subjects or ideas. Then, they will develop a clear thesis statement that reflects the analysis and use evidence to support their points. This thorough work will guarantee a nuanced analysis and excellent grades.

Final Words

Essay writing can be a challenging task, especially when faced with difficult essay topics or types. By seeking help from professional authors, you can overcome these challenges. They know how to cope with complex essay topics by:

  • presenting a balanced view of the issue;
  • being thoughtful and nuanced in their arguments;
  • taking the time to research and understand the topic thoroughly.

As a result, you will get a well-structured and engaging essay that reflects your unique perspective.


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