7 Mistakes You Should Avoid Following a Car Accident

March 20, 2023

Statistics show that there were over 31,000 traffic crash casualties within the first nine months of 2022. You may think that you are a safe driver who will never be involved in an accident. That changes when you share the road with a reckless driver or, even worse, an intoxicated one.

Being in an accident comes with its own set of challenges. It is easy to be overwhelmed by what to do and what not to do. Though difficult, it is imperative that you maintain your composure and follow through on the subsequent steps that will aid in your recovery. Here, we will share 7 common mistakes that you should avoid after being involved in a car accident.

Not Hiring a Lawyer

This sounds like something that is pretty obvious, but a ton of people ignore it. When you’re involved in a collision, you must immediately contact an experienced car accident lawyer. Even if it is something as minor as a fender bender, you must seek out your lawyer immediately.

Your car accident lawyer does a lot more than offer legal advice. They can act as a point of contact between you and other legal entities like insurance adjusters and the lawyer hired by the other party involved in the accident. Your lawyer will ensure that you get fair compensation for the injuries and property damage you have suffered.

Not Seeking Medical Advice

You may be surprised at the number of people who omit seeking medical assistance after they are involved in an accident. This mainly happens due to adrenaline, also known as the fight-or-flight response, which is triggered when people are in high-stress situations. Even if you are injured, the adrenaline rush boosts your mental concentration, effectively distracting you from the pain while enhancing other abilities. Your body does this to get past stressful situations, but in accidents, the adrenaline rush has the opposite effect.

Immediately calling 911 must be your priority after being in a collision. If you simply drive away because you feel fine at that moment, you may lose valuable time in order to treat injuries that may crop up later. Not just that, you are giving an opportunity for insurance adjusters to downplay the seriousness of the car accident.

Along the lines of not approaching for medical help is another important point, not continuing treatment. People may have other responsibilities that they prioritize over caring for their injuries. This is especially true when the injuries are minor. Not continuing medical treatment until you make a full recovery gives insurance adjusters the advantage in compensation negotiations.

Not Contacting the Police 

The investigation into your accident begins the moment first responders arrive at the scene of the collision. They compile an initial report based on the evidence present at the accident spot. This initial report is essential for all the following investigations, whether done by the insurance adjusters or by lawyers from either side. This document can be found online after the authorities have filed it. For example, if the incident happens in Dallas, you can search for the Dallas accident report online by entering some of the collision's basic information. Additionally, some states require you to file a report, despite the severity, and by doing so, you avoid criminal charges.

Accepting Fault

Approaching the other party immediately after the accident to collect their personal information for further proceedings is recommended. What’s not recommended is apologizing or admitting guilt. These are signs that you are at fault for the accident, and they will be used against you.

Not Recording Evidence

As traumatic as an accident can be, it is important to record information about the accident to improve your case. Pictures of damaged cars of both parties, injuries, tire skid marks, broken signs, road conditions, and the current weather will help in proving your role in the accident.

If the accident happened within the premises of a private business, it would be wise to request security camera footage that can be used as evidence.

Oversharing on Social Media

Insurance adjusters will look for every possible way to lower the compensation you receive after a car accident. Social media is one such tool. Posting regular updates about your health while receiving treatment for an accident injury will help insurance adjusters, who may use that information against you. Alongside oversharing comes bragging. You may think that a Facebook post about a high compensation you’re expecting is harmless. Insurance adjusters will latch on to the post to prove that your injuries aren’t as serious as you claim them to be.

Accepting the First Offer

Soon after the accident, insurance adjusters will get in touch with you to discuss the details of the accident. As experts in the field, they know that a person who has been involved in a car collision will be under financial stress, in addition to physical and emotional stress. The insurance adjuster will try to capitalize on this by offering you a lower amount than what you deserve. Remember that once you sign the compensation form, the proceedings will be done once and for all. In order to tackle this, it is vital to hire an experienced car accident lawyer who will speak on your behalf.

A wise option when dealing with car accidents is to immediately consult a lawyer who will assist you from the initial stages of the investigation, like recording statements and collecting proof, up until negotiating for fair compensation. Along with hiring a lawyer, following the tips above will help you get the upper hand, be it a lawsuit or a compensation negotiation.


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