7 Warning Signs That Your Car Needs a Battery Replacement

March 13, 2023

Batteries - why are they a crucial part of our day-to-day activities, and why do we heavily rely on them so much? Well, we use them to power up our portable electronic devices, start our cars, and operate small appliances. In some particular industries, they use it to power up electrical vehicles, supply power to remote locations, and provide backup power for critical systems. However, batteries have a limited lifespan. Eventually, they deteriorate, hence the need for replacement. Being able to identify the signs that you need to replace your battery can save you from potential hassles and charges.

Car batteries are particularly important to monitor as a malfunctioning one can leave you stuck on the side of the road. Car batteries are responsible for starting the engine, powering the electronics, and maintaining the overall performance of your vehicle. If it fails, it can cause various problems, such as difficulty starting the engine, dimming headlights, and electronics responding slowly. If you notice any of these signs, it's essential to have your battery tested and replaced if necessary. Failure to identify these warning signs can result in more severe issues down the road, such as a damaged alternator or a completely dead car battery.

In this article, we will be discussing the top seven warning signs that your car needs a battery replacement. Recognizing these warning signs can help you prevent getting stranded on the roadside with a dead car battery.

  1. Slow engine crank. One of the earliest signs that your car battery needs replacing is when your engine starts slowly. If you observe that your engine is taking longer than usual to start or making slow sounds when you turn it on, it may be an indication that your car battery is losing power and requires recharging or replacement soon. The common cause of this is the battery’s age or condition. You can determine the age of the battery by looking at the date code imprinted on it. If you spot physical signs of wear or damage, then it’s definitely time to replace it.
  2. Engine light stays on. If your engine light stays on after the engine starts, it’s time to get your batteries checked, because this might mean that it’s already weak or failing, or there could be other factors causing it. When the battery is weak, it often causes the engine’s electrical components to malfunction. So when you see the engine light steady after cranking up your engine, take your car to a professional mechanic as soon as possible.
  3. Low battery fluid level. The fluid inside a car battery plays a crucial role in generating the electrical energy needed to power the vehicle. If the battery fluid level is low, it can cause the battery to work harder than necessary. If this happens, the lifespan of the battery tends to become shorter. When you check the battery fluid level regularly, it can help you ensure that the battery is performing in the best way.
  4. Swollen or bloated battery. A swollen or bloated battery is a sign that the battery has been exposed to high temperatures or has been overcharged. Similar to the battery working harder than necessary, when it is overcharged or has been exposed to high temperatures, its lifespan is decreased. Or worse, a bloated battery may cause it to leak or explode. If you notice any swelling or bloating of your car battery, it's recommended to replace it as soon as possible to ensure maximum efficiency and to prevent potential accidents.
  5. Swollen battery case. Another sign that your car battery needs replacing is a swollen or bloated battery case. The casing of car batteries is typically constructed from sturdy materials; however, exposure to high temperatures can cause them to expand or become damaged. When the case is damaged, the battery is compromised as well. The battery’s life can be shortened, its performance can be affected, and it can become overcharged, which can pose a risk to the driver and the passengers.
  6. Corrosion. This is a common problem in car batteries. Have you noticed a buildup of a white or greenish powdery substance on your battery terminals? That’s corrosion. If you notice this powdery substance on your battery terminals, here’s what you’re going to do: mix baking soda and water and turn it into a paste, then apply it to the terminals using a toothbrush. Scrub the terminals until the corrosion is removed. You can also use a specialized battery terminal cleaner for this task. If cleaning won't fix it, time to get new batteries.
  7. Electrical issues. Examples of malfunctions are when your headlights are dimming or flickering, or your radio has poor reception or the clock keeps on resetting, or your power windows are stalling or stopping or making unusual noises. If any of these happens to your car, consider replacing your battery soon.

To sum up, recognizing the signs that indicate your car battery needs replacing can prevent you from getting stuck on the road, reduce the risk of accidents, and save you from incurring avoidable expenses.


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