9 Gas Fireplace Safety Tips for Homes

March 24, 2023

The heart of your home is where the fireplace is. If you're not vigilant enough, it might warm more than you intended. Since their invention in the late 1800s, gas fireplaces have been a lifesaver to many homes, boasting many features that other models lack.

Gas fireplaces are an ideal addition to any home, offering a low-cost source of warmth and creating an eye-catching space. However, reports reveal that people worldwide visit hospital emergency rooms yearly from fire accidents caused by gas fireplaces. By implementing the best tips, you can achieve the best out of your gas fireplace while protecting your loved ones.

Here are nine safety tips for gas fireplaces to protect your loved ones.

Install Safety Screens

Nearly all modern gas fireplaces have a protective screen over ordinary glass. The safety screen minimizes the risk of severe burns by creating a boundary between the hot glass and human contact.

A safety screen is an essential part of a gas fireplace. It also facilitates a balanced heat contribution across the room by retaining excess heat. If your gas fireplace has no in-built safety screen, you can get a professional to install one or replace it with a modern one.

Avoid Touching Active Gas Fireplace Surfaces

While it may be tempting to touch gas fireplace surfaces when active, that could result in burn accidents on the hands. Gas fireplaces and the surrounding areas retain heat between 500oF and 1000oF.

Thus, you shouldn't touch or move close to them when burning. After turning the fireplace off, users should wait for 30 to 45 minutes before attempting to clean the area.

Put Household Furniture Away From the Gas Fireplace

Putting furniture too close to the fireplace means that whoever sits around it will bear the excess heat, which can harm the human body. Also, furniture near the gas fireplace wears out and tears faster than its long-distanced counterparts.

Experts have recommended locating household furniture at least one and a half meters from the gas fireplace for safety measures. Gas fireplace decorations may be practical only when the device is off. Before turning it on, eliminate the décor pieces to prevent fire accidents.

Do Not Leave Active Fireplaces Unattended

Another crucial safety tip for gas fireplaces is constantly monitoring them when burning until the last minute. Your children and pets should always be under your watch when the fireplace is active, ensuring they don't go near or touch the device.

Leaving burning gas fireplaces unattended or keeping the remote in easily accessible areas (by children) only increases the risk of burn accidents and other misfortunes. Even better, you can teach them about gas fireplace safety tips as early as three years old.

Occasionally Inspection of the Gas Fireplace

Even when it's functioning properly, an occasional inspection of your gas fireplace by an expert ascertains that everything is working smoothly, minimizing the possibility of breakdowns and accidents.

A qualified gas fireplace technician will check for condensation, the gas lines, the control compartment, and the burner, providing you with a detailed report for your device. Experts recommend annual or semi-annual inspections of gas fireplaces for greater functionality.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The invention of carbon monoxide detectors has greatly reduced the impact of fire accidents caused by gas fireplaces. Usually, they are strategically located where gas fireplaces are, whereby the detectors sense the presence of the slightest amount of carbon monoxide in the air, activating an alarm to call for attention.

In case of a malfunction in your gas fireplace causing carbon monoxide production, the detector will be the first to notify you before your nose does.

Report Any Case of Malfunction

Most fire accidents caused by gas fireplaces are usually due to human ignorance. If your gas fireplace fails to heat or light, or you notice a change in the odour and colour of its flames from the usual, you should turn it off and report the issue to a technician immediately.

The professional will evaluate the problem and administer the right solutions better than you would. They will also offer further control measures towards the problem, enhancing the fireplace's functionality.

Understand and Adhere to the Manufacturer's Guide

All gas fireplaces come with a well-detailed user manual illustrating how to operate, clean, and other practices. Users should read and understand the guideline, asking for further explanations in areas they don't understand.

Reputable gas fireplace dealers will clearly explain the user manual to their customers soon after purchase. Customers can access a guideline for their gas fireplace as a Word Document in their preferred languages through their phones.

Purchase High-Quality Gas Fireplaces

Your safety with a gas fireplace starts with the quality of your purchased device. Low-quality gas fireplaces are commonly associated with constant breakdowns, malfunctions, and sometimes fire accidents.

On the other hand, high-quality gas fireplaces from reputable suppliers boast extended lifespans free from the above misfortunes. Although slightly more expensive than their counterparts, you can be assured maximum safety by purchasing high-quality gas fireplaces.

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