A Kiwi Beginner’s Guide to Having an Electric Scooter

March 15, 2023

It is not at all surprising when the electric scooter has become a practical alternative for public transportation, particularly amid the coronavirus pandemic that hit most, rendering us so unprepared.

And now, since many borders have opened, and businesses are slowly gearing up, ‘it’s business as usual.’

Quality electric scooters like MEARTH are here to stay with over a million scooter sales annually. They are five times quicker than getting around on foot and are also very economical to ride for short distances. It's also back to school. Are you off to college? Hate queuing at the bus stop where the bus is always delayed? And what about the perennial traffic jam? It's about time you end your transportation woes.

Nothing bad about being proactive.

Are you aware that like cars, electric scooters have their distinct attributes and qualities, especially technical specifications which set them apart?

So, when getting your first electric scooter – you need to consider the brand, quality of ride, how powerful is the scooter motor, the scooter’s battery capacity and charging time, the maximum load (or weight) that the scooter can take, and more!

If you're new to the world of electric scooters, It is important to know the 'ins and outs' of what you're getting into -- before you consider having one of your own. Also consider the most important specifications before you take the plunge. This quick, practical guide will help you in finding the best electric scooter fit for your riding needs. Read on...

1. What e-scooter brand to buy?

No, no, no to unbranded, cloned, re-branded, or generic electric scooter brands. Never compromise. If they are unknown brands, the level of support isn't consistent, so if things go wrong, you might suffer from quality control issues and scarcity of parts. Generic scooters are actually re-branded and have deficient quality control. The unbranded e-scooters are made of poor quality, have untested components, and are thus, dangerous to ride. MEARTH offer high-quality, powerful, top-performing electric scooters like the S Series, entry-level, basic, commuter-scooters, the RS Series, ultimate long-range electric scooters, the GTS EVO Series, on-and-off-terrain, heavy-duty electric scooters dubbed as 'king of the road', and the futuristic MEARTH CYBER, a breakthrough innovation.

Remember, the brand of the scooter is important because it reveals the electric scooter’s quality, quick repairs, readily available original spare parts, warranty, available after-sales, service, maintenance, and more. When you are starting to learn how to ride an electric scooter, it is always best to buy an established and reputable brand that can guarantee superior quality, like Mearth -- it's your best bet.

Mearth is a widely known electric scooter brand that manufactures a range of top-notch quality electric scooters ideal for beginners and it only costs $989. — very good too, for general all-around riding in the city.

2. Consider your budget

Look at the 5 categories based on price range: budget and midrange at $500 – $700; premium at $800 – $999; high performance and extreme electric scooters (for the very experienced riders) between $1,500 to $ 2,100; and can sometimes cost at $2,500 and above.

For city commuters, midrange to premium electric scooters like Mearth S and S Pro would be a good starting point. A long-range electric scooter like Mearth RS and RS Pro, meanwhile, can give you more power and battery life, which include 10-inch pneumatic tires, disc brakes, LED display, and 2W front lights, if you want to go farther or climb higher terrain.

3, And now, about the battery size

The Mearth S Series is just perfect. An affordable model too, for the first-time rider. The maximum range is between 20-25 Km, while the maximum speed is 32Kph. The maximum weight of a rider is up to 100 kg. Mearth S Pro, a notch higher has a maximum range between 30-45 Km., reaching a maximum speed of 32Kph and the maximum weight is up to 100Kg. With the long-range e-scooter, Mearth RS, the maximum range is 65Km., while the maximum speed can reach up to 40 Kph. To achieve maximum speed and range, the weight capacity must not go beyond 100 Kg. Mearth RS Pro, another long-range e-scooter has a max range that peaks at 100 Km. While the maximum speed is at 40Kph. Weight capacity is up to 100 Kg only.

4. The motor size is very important

If you're not yet aware, the size of a scooter’s motor is important because it basically dictates how much power the scooter has. Why? Electric motors are measured in watts. This affects an electric scooter’s ability to accelerate and climb up hills. A 350 watts is sufficient for traveling on flat ground.

5. Why range does matter

Always remember, range is the distance that a scooter can cover on a single charge. The farther you plan to go riding, the higher the range you will need. Aim for a higher range than you expect to use. Don't ignore the warning that a scooter’s range is affected by the distance traveled over bumpy roads, uphill climbs, not just flat ground. Range is to battery life, so make sure that the battery of the e-scooter is fully charged every time.

6. Go for the maximum speed, why or why not?

All scooters have a maximum speed. It is typically around 25 kph and is fast enough for general city riding errands and purposes. If you are traveling in a city, you will probably spend a lot of time driving slower than that. Most areas have a speed limit for scooters. Don’t go beyond the speed limit, so you don’t fall off.

7. Your weight as the rider determines speed and range

Electric scooters support a certain weight. Typically between 100 and 120 kg. the e-scooter's capacity per model is -- 100 kg for MS, S Pro, RS, and RS Pro.Do you weigh more than this? It is important and imperative that you choose an e-scooter with a higher limit. So if it’s between 100 to 150 kg, Mearth GTS and GTS Max Are ideal. However, the on-and-off-terrain, heavy-duty e-scooter is best for more experienced riders that venture into the so-called 'less traveled roads', for nature thrill.

8. Efficient brakes translate to the rider's overall safety

Brakes are absolutely an important safety feature on electric scooters. Consisting of metal discs attached to the tire, disc brakes are the most effective option. Simply press a handlebar on the handlebars to activate the brake.

9. Always, always ask for the Warranty

Mearth has well-designed scooters, but it doesn't mean it won't need regular maintenance. Let your warranty spare you from unnecessary costs, especially if it is still covered by a warranty. MEARTH e-scooters come with a liberal warranty and top after-sales customer support.

Getting to know the undeniable advantages, you are now better informed on what choice to make. Let it be a truly worthwhile long-term investment, and the best decision you will make. MEARTH is a reputable, well-respected, and established electric scooter brand available online. So if you're learning to ride the first time, give yourself the sense of freedom minus ‘headaches.’

Go for the one that will take you through the best ride of your life, Mearth.


Carlos Diaz
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