Are Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets a Fashion Trend in Kitchen Design Now

March 20, 2023

Lately, black shaker kitchen cabinets have uniquely trended. However, some homeowners are hesitant to acquire them because they think the popularity of these drawers is short-lived, and thus, they will fade away very soon.

In this regard, we explore the question of whether or not black shaker kitchen cabinets are a fad. Read on to discover more about black-painted shaker-styled cabinets.

The Popularity of Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Explained

After white, black is the commonly used color in the design of shaker cabinets. Hence, black shaker cabinets are not recent. They have been used in homes and commercial places for decades.

Here are some reasons why shaker cabinets with black paint are popular

  • Multiple Design Options

Black shaker kitchen cabinets come with a neutral appearance that can mix with anything. Whether you want to create a classic, modern or industrial design, you will achieve the outlook you want by taking advantage of these drawers.

Because of the simplicity of their shaker design, black shaker cabinets can let you try out more than one design option because they are simple to style.

  • The Boldness of Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Regardless of the shade of black you go for, the black shade has a bold and dominating outlook. If you pair it with other colors, it can wonderfully enhance contrast. The bold appearance of black shaker cabinets is greatly admired for it can make an interior feel warm and lively.

Modern kitchens are defined by boldness and simplicity in terms of their visual outlook and design. The takeaway from this is that you can easily leverage black shaker cabinets to achieve any dream modern kitchen design.

  • Availability

Generally, black shaker kitchen cabinets have been around for centuries. Due to their long history, stemming from as long as the 17th century, these cabinets have become so popular that they are always in demand. Designers have noted this for they are developing newer and trendier varieties every day.

  • Functionality

If you want to spend less time or financial resources on cleaning your kitchen, you should add to it, black shaker cabinets. Because of their black stain, they are very easy to maintain in terms of general cleaning.

Black stains can not only hide dust particles and spots like fingerprints but also resist scratches. With the simple but firm shaker design, black-painted shaker cabinets are more often less vulnerable to common effects of tear and wear, for example, broken fixtures and worn-out decorative implements.

Disadvantages of Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Now that you have discovered the good sides of black shaker kitchen cabinets, you should know their negatives if you must get greater value from them. Here are the cons of shaker-styled black-painted cupboards.

#1: Darker Kitchens

Because black is overwhelmingly warm and dull, black cabinets can make your kitchen hall look dark. Moreover, since they the can absorb heat from inside and outside your scullery, black-painted shaker drawers can make a kitchen hall feel extremely hot, especially if they cover a wide space.

However, if you mix them with lighter colors and install extra lighting fixtures on them, for example, under-cabinet or pendant bulbs, their overwhelming dark properties can greatly reduce.

#2: Classic Outlook

Black shaker cabinets, especially if they have faded, can look classic than you can imagine. If you don’t pair them with materials covered with lighter tones, their dark shade can conceal every design feature of your kitchen, making it look out of place.

Therefore, always try as much as possible to blend black shaker kitchen cabinets with other colors. Fortunately, there are many places you can leverage to integrate colors in your scullery, from the cabinetries to walls, floor, and kitchen hardware.

Materials for Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Natural Wood

Like in many other types of furniture, wood is commonly used to design shaker-styled cabinets. The very first shaker cabinet varieties were crafted from hardwoods, including oak, maple, birch, and teak.

Natural wood shaker cabinets are currently very popular, thanks to their durability. Moreover, they are not only easy to work with but also amazingly beautiful, thanks to the alluring appearance of wood, regardless of whether or not it is polished or painted.

Artificial Materials

Apart from hardwood material, black shaker kitchen cabinets are also designed with laminate items, for example, melamine. Nowadays, it is very common to see melamine cabinets in showrooms for their popularity has been rising in the recent past.

Even though their lifespan is shorter compared to their natural counterparts, cabinets designed with laminate materials are cheap and very attractive in terms of their finishes and decorative elements.

Are Shaker Cabinets Worth It?

If you ask any acclaimed professional interior designer about the value of shaker-styled cabinets, you will realize that these drawers are the best a homeowner can have. Besides being simple to style, shaker cabinets are long-lasting, and practical.

Considering their simple designs, you can easily access tens of different design options to choose from because they blend well with almost all colors. Shaker-styled drawers are also admirable based on their versatility. They come in different styles and shades, all of which are meant for different kitchen designs.

Where Can I Find Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

If you search black shaker cabinets online, you will discover that they are on the list of, easiest-to-find cabinet varieties. Below are common places where you can find black shaker cabinets of your choice.

  • Online Shopping Platforms

With the technological wave rocking the entire world, it is nowadays easy and convenient to transact online. Designers and sellers have developed online furniture showrooms that you can visit from the comfort of wherever you are.

Whether you just want to window-shop or you want to make an actual purchase, you can visit furniture sections on e-commerce platforms to find your ideal cabinet design. When surfing these platforms, you should remember to read customer reviews to know more about various offerings.

  • Land-Based Furniture Showrooms

If you are not conversant with online shopping or you just like physical transactions, then you can visit any furniture store within or outside your location to find black shaker kitchen cabinets. In these showrooms, you will have plenty of time to assess various designs until you pick the ones that are ideal for you.

Final Thoughts

If you were afraid to acquire black shaker kitchen cabinets because you considered their popularity a fad, it is high time you consider your thoughts. Black shaker cabinets are genuinely admired all over the world for their attractive properties. Because they have trended for years, these drawers are generally worth it.

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