Breaking the Myths around Waterproof Plywood

March 3, 2023


When working on your dream home, you want to use the best quality, solid and long-lasting products. Plywood is the primary raw material used in furniture and storage spaces in the house. Every area of your home has a different atmosphere, like excess water in the bathroom, humidity and heat in the kitchen and dryness in the living space. It is essential to have various kinds of plywood that fulfil every requirement in every room. There is an excellent variety of plywood varieties, but when dealing with an area with excess moisture and water, you need waterproof plywood. These plywood have waterproofing sealants that help the plywood stay damage-free from wetness and keeps them durable. There are certain myths about this material that need clarification. This article will help you break all the myths regarding waterproof plywood, but if you are looking for top-quality plywood and high-pressure laminates for your home, Archidply is the place for you.

Myth: There is just one type of plywood that protects from water

Fact: There are four types of plywood; Boiling water-resistant plywood, MR grade plywood, water-repellent plywood and Boiling waterproof plywood. While boiling waterproof plywood is an excellent option among the four, others are highly resistant to moisture and humidity, which is helpful in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Myth: Waterproof plywood is expensive

Fact: It is not valid. Waterproof plywood is like any other plywood in thickness or size. If used wisely, it is highly beneficial for the house owner as the material won’t get damaged by water, they are durable long-term, and they will save huge money for you.

Myth: Waterproof plywood is high-maintenance

Fact: Many people think furniture made of waterproof plywood can be challenging to maintain. It requires just essential maintenance, and the furniture will stay for a long time. It is the easiest solution for any homeowner.

Myth: Cleaning is difficult

Fact: As mentioned earlier, it requires essential maintenance. You can clean the waterproof furniture with a standard soap-water solution, which your furniture will use. You can use a cloth or sponge to clean the furniture but avoid any painted area. Clean it with clear water, and your furniture will look brand new.

Myth: There are limitations in the application of waterproof plywood

Fact: It is optional to use waterproof plywood in limited areas. You can use them in all parts of the house, including the living room and backyard. On the contrary, waterproof plywood is an excellent choice for the whole living space as it will stay vital for a long time.

These are a few myths about waterproof plywood that might be clear by now for everyone. You can use any plywood, but it should be long-lasting and strong as you don’t build your dream home daily. Achridply has an excellent collection of plywood and laminates to enhance your dream home a thousandfold. Check out their best display of plywood, doors, laminates, and many other construction essentials to transform your dream home into a reality.


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